Sunday, February 15, 2009


Together 46/365

Annie 46/365

Lucy 46/365

Today I am thankful for mornings when I get to sleep in - especially ones like today when I can actually sleep and not just lay in bed wishing that I was asleep. Justin's parents got up with the girls this morning and we both got to sleep in. We had a great time last night, but I am exhausted today. We went to the bar at the Ritz after our yummy dinner. It was a great choice because it was not too crowded or loud. We had a couch and didn't have to fight through a huge crowd any time we needed to move around. It was really a lot of fun. I am moving just a tad slower than normal today. :) The bed is definitely already calling my name.

We were all sad to see Nana and Grandy have to go this afternoon. We had a great time with them and it always goes way too fast. The first thing Lucy said when she got up from her nap was, "Where Nana go?" Thanks again for everything!! We had a really pretty and sunny day, but the wind picked up and it got a little chilly at the park. I was glad I had the big blanket for the walk home.

Annie has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we should get new stats on her. I always love to see how much she has grown. I am off to bed. Hope everyone has an awesome week.


Mom, she was VERY pleased with her shoes today, as she should be.









A rare momma shot!






Anonymous said...

I love the shots of Justin + Lucy on the swing...
but even more seeing you! And the first one...go boy with that camera!

Jess and Paul said...

Wow, Justin has quite the eye too I see!

Kate said...

Love your photos today! Love Lucy's Gap flats! I've been tempted to get the pink ones.

Anonymous said...

What?? Annie didn't get to swing?? Looks like a fun day at the park. Glad you had such a great time with Justin's folks, and that you two had fun on date night! Can't wait to hear the new stats on Annie--I think she's grown a lot. Her hair alone has to add quite a bit of poundage!!! he he he Love to all, Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

PS--nothing better than a John Deere wagon ride! I am so pumped about the skinny jeans and green shoes! She looked adorable. Lee

life with the wisners said...

dude. you have MAD SKILLZ. and i used the Z instead of a regular S. so i mean business.


i had to say it again.

this post is my favorite. please tell me you're contacting your lab TODAY to order those wicked flare shots of justin and lucy. and also, please tell me you're going to enlarge that first one of you and lucy to some crazy 16x20 or 20x24. because if you don't, i will. i so heart that picture. and want it for my kitchen.

and that beautiful outfit with shoes to match.

love it. i just want to keep writing and writing.

want to hang out this week? a night perhaps? let me know.

Trying Traditional said...

Lucy's shoes are great. The solo shots of her look like she is trying out some yoga the things kids do!

Anonymous said...

I used to take my kids to that same park- they loved to climb on the tree.

I am sitting here with my MIL who is up from Dallas and we are trying to remember which road it is on.

Sharon said...

The shot of Annie luvin' on her Nana was precious. I have to tell's like a breath of fresh air to see the color green in your's so cold here. Everything is dead and brown. I could really use some green!

Christina said...

Lucy's outfit - so dang cute! Lovin the Mama pics, and the flare. It looks Jason has picked up some of your skillz! Aren't wagons the best?!

MKH said...

love those shoes Lucy has on! And, looks like everyone had fun on the swings!

mam said...

Wonderful mama shots!