Friday, February 20, 2009


Can I just say how much I love these sweet cheeks?!?!
Annie 51/365

Lucy 51/365

Today I am thankful that last night at about 1 am Lucy stumbled into our room with her 2 babies (blankees), her little pillow, and her elephant and stood at the side of the bed until I noticed someone was breathing on me. We didn't say a word to each other. I just pulled her up in bed with me, covered her up in the big covers, snuggled her little body in close to mine, and we both were back asleep within seconds. She slept perfectly still and cozy by me all night long and it was awesome. She used to sleep with us a lot but she rarely wakes up anymore. Then the last time we tried to get her to sleep with us she was so crazy that I had to move her. But last night she was not kicking me or hitting me. She just snuggled with me. I love me some snuggles!

This afternoon sweet Janet and her two precious kids came over to play. Lucy did GREAT playing with Goo and Big H. I was really impressed because they got her right when she was waking up from nap which can be a little scary. But she quickly snapped out of it and was soon running, laughing, and jumping on the bed. She really liked Big H. Their dad came and picked them up on his way home from work and Janet stayed to hang out, ease my night time a bit, and talk photography. Yeah! It was great. She took these pics of my girls. I didn't want to post many because I did the editing on these. I am curious to see what she will do. I did take the pics of her cuties.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and thanks so much to so many of you for leaving a comment or emailing me. I really appreciate it.


She likes Annie's toes as well!

H and G-3059

H and G-3076

H and G-3083


Anonymous said...

Eek I love those cheeks! They are in fierce competition with the toes!!!

A photog playdate? How fun!!!

When we were in Austin this past week Addy was a total snugbug sleeping with us. She has NEVER been that way (always crazy since her G&R!) and it was a total treat. I think I like our almost 3-year-olds!! Mellowing with age :)

life with the wisners said...

ok, seriously. i had THE BEST time. it was so nice to hang out with you and your sweet, sweet girls. i loved talking shop. so glad we're pals.

oh, and you are such a fabulous mommy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I really really hope you don't have to go private, but of course you have to do everything to protect your kids. Why would someone even think of writing something nasty or use your pictures? I have commented some times before and have been following your blog for quite a while. You inspired me to get my slr and kindly emailed me back when I asked you about your camera last year. I am from Germany, 28 years old, married, and love photography and have learned a lot from you!

Your pictures are great as usual. I especially love your black-and-white ones. Even though you once posted how you do them I still can't get mine to be so brilliant. And what background did you use in the pictures with Annie and the huge bow? That looks as if taken in a studio.

If you would go private I would definitely REALLY miss to read your blog :-(

Kate said...

So jealous of your photog playdate! We need to organize one and get all of us camera-geeks together. Or you can just sell your house and move to Maryland!

I'm tired of telling you your photos are awesome, so I won't. Don't want you to get a big head! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I found your blog but my husband and I talk often about adoption so reading your story gives us some real life insight into what this journey could be like. As I am following you story then I start to realize how beautiful your photgraphy is so now I enjoy those photog tips as much as your journey! I wanted to write earlier to tell you to hang on to all those precious clothes if you do decide to start your own always choose outfits with such great color and pattern and I bet lots of your future clients would love to play dress up when they come in for a session! Thanks for keeping this blog public as long as you have and for now I plan to use all your photog tips on our furry babies....I hope to start a pet photography business and partly thank you for the inspiration to get going! Best to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker, found you through Sugar. I just have to say I love coming to your blog. It is like a breath of fresh air ... your girls are beautiful! Good luck with the sale of your house.

Anonymous said...

Had to go to bed last night without my blog fix because you were having too much fun on your playdate to be computering! But since you had such a great time I guess I can't complain. I'm with the gal that doesn't want you to get a big head. Always love the pics and am so excited about Miss Cheeks/Toes winning 4th place!!!!! Yea Annie. And Yea Lucy for when you won! Very bleak and rainy today. Am opting for a book or better yet, a nap! Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Christina said...

Aren't those nighttime snuggles the BEST?! Nadia's been having a lot of fears at night lately, and often ends up in our bed. I love it. :o) Sounds like a great day with friends and photography - what more can you ask for?!

Bryce's momma said...

OMG! Your pictures are beautiful! TIPS PLEASE! Thanks for your congrats on my 3rd place. I love the clarity of your pics. what equipment do you use and settings and stuff. What are your favorites to use. Do you photoshop and what do you do. Girl, you got IT! Do Tell! I have the Canon5d a new 50mm 1.4 that intimidates me like you would not believe and a portrait lens ( my old faithful) and a couple of zoom lenses. I always chicken out and go to full auto when I gotta get the shot. I am sooooo trying to learn.... Love your beautiful babies.

MKH said...

Those cheeks are pretty cute! Love the pics of all the kids!