Monday, February 16, 2009


Annie 47/365



Today I am thankful that the outside is already starting to green up again. I almost used this as my thanks yesterday because I actually noticed it yesterday afternoon, but pushed it back to today and then I got a comment about how it was so refreshing to see green in my pictures. The green you saw yesterday is always green here. We have several palms and other bushes in our front yard that stay green year round. But what I am so thankful for is that the grass is starting to change. We got quite a bit of rain when I was at my parent's house and then it has been so warm lately that I already see the grass turning green again. I LOVE that. Pictures are so much more fun when there is color all around, not ugly, crunchy, dead, brown grass. And I think that everyone feels better when it is all pretty outside again.

Annie's doctor appointment went fine today. She is up to 16 lbs 12 oz. She gained a pound in a month!! The doctor was pleased with her growth even though she is still at the very bottom of the growth chart. I talked at length with the doctor about Annie's developmental progress. It is the one thing that worries me. I have been working with her on the oral stimulation and the arm exercises, but she is not responding very well at this point. I am so thankful to the OT that told me some things to be working with her on, but I knew that it was time that we had an appointment and I got some one on one lessons and saw the therapist work with her. We go for our initial consult on Monday morning. I talked to the therapist at length on the phone today and I really liked her so far. I know it will be important to have a good relationship with her and I really think I will. She seemed so kind and warm. I am really relieved to just have the appointment so that we can start seeing some progress. She still refuses to put any weight at all on her arms or pressure on her hands and she will not eat or chew on anything other than formula and baby food out of a bottle. She still puts absolutely nothing in her mouth. I know we will see big changes in her soon.

I forgot to say this the other day but it was so sweet that I have to remember it forever. On Valentine's night, I had been in our room getting ready while Lucy was playing with Nana and Grandy. We were about to leave and it was her bedtime, so I walked down to her room to get a kiss, say goodnight, and tell her we were leaving. I opened the door, she turned around, and immediately said, "You yook boo-full, Momma." (You look beautiful Momma) It was so incredibly precious and just melted me. Justin and both of his parents were in the room and we were all just kind of shocked that she just said that with no prompting or anything. I know she learned it from her Dada and I just adore that she can even say something like that. Made my heart swell.

Lucy did not take a nap today, which is SO unlike her. I can maybe count on one hand the number of times she has taken no nap at all. She did spend a long time in her room having quiet time, it was just so strange that she never fell asleep. On the up side, she was in bed by 7:30 and she was in a great mood all day. Annie took a 4 hour nap this afternoon. We actually woke her up at 5 and she still went to bed at 7:15. I think the shots wore my sweet girl out. :( She was such a love at the doctor. I know the nurse felt awful for having to stick her twice because she was just being her normal charming self.

Lucy has always put her raspberries on her fingers as "hats"
Lucy 47/365


All Gone!
All Gone



Shots are no good at all!
Mean Shots!

Her hair makes me so happy.



Jenny said...

are you doing PT or OT? We did both for cams and the PT actually worked better even with some of the OT issues. GOod luck, it is worth every second of sitting in the Dr while they strengthen up!

And Mimi did the raspberry trick with olives the other day, soo cute!

Mom said...

Hooray for gaining a pound! I am cracking up at the raspberry hands!! So funny! I know all the therapy will strengthen our little one up--but she's perfect in my eyes. Love all the pics. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

You and your family are always beautiful. But isn't it wonderful when someone verbalizes it??

Susan said...

First of all, it looks like Annie may be experiencing the "early Petunia" 'do. I love sticky-up hair -- you know I do!

I certainly hope therapy will help Annie catch up a little. I know she's going to do great. No doubt!

And how sweet is Lucy to pay you a compliment like that? What a sweetheart! Oh, and the raspberry fingers definitely give me a chuckle. As always, love the photos.

life with the wisners said...

so. there is NOTHING better than an imprompty compliment from your children.


um, the raspberries? freaking hilarious. i love your daughter.

don't hate me. but i love brown, crunchy leaves and grass. love them. don't get me wrong. i love bright colors too.

when can we play?

life with the wisners said...

oh, and seriously? goo didn't take a nap today either. just played in her crib for 1.5 hours. what is WITH these girls?

Kate said...

I agree with the green thing. I can't wait for it to green up around here. So dismal.

How sweet for Lucy to pay you a compliment. You must be raising that girl right! :) My Lu loves to pay compliments. We have an art deco painting of Audrey Hepburn in our bedroom. Luci thinks it's me and every morning she'll point to it and says, "momma, that's you and your are so beautiful." I don't have to heart to correct her, so she can go on thinking that I'm Audrey for a little while! :)

Kelli said...

Love the raspberry hats!

Anonymous said...

Her hair makes me smile as well.

And boy what a daring Mama you are to let Lucy eat those Raspberries while wearing a white sweater. I don't trust myself to pull that one off! LOL!

MKH said...

those raspberry shots are just so great! I'm so happy that Annie gained weight! I'm so happy about green coming back too-this brown grass is for the birds!

Kristi said...

Email me some time if you want to chat about feeding stuff. If she's not eating you should really see an SLP because they're trained in feeding, swallowing, etc. An OT is just going to shove stuff in her mouth, which, in my humble opinion, is absolutely pointless.

Courtney said...

Great pictures...but you are so brave to let Lucy eat Red Raspberries in a White Sweater!

Emily said...

i started an email to you last night but dont think i ever sent it. anyway, i know that a vorf friend of mine went through the eating thing with her daughter. and they actually went to an eating specialist that really helped. it looks like you are getting a lot of unsolicated advice here, but just had to pass that along in case you didnt know it existed.

i am proud of annie. she is doing so well! you know she will catch right up so quickly. beautiful little girl!

Norah said...

Hmmm, not sure how I missed this post!?? Linhsey eats her raspberries the same way!!!! She can eat a whole pack of them in one sitting if I let her.