Thursday, February 26, 2009


Annie 57/365

Lucy 57/365

Today I am thankful for the special little girl that Lucy is blossoming into right before our eyes. She has always been amazing, but most people didn't get to see that. She was just too shy and reserved. But lately, as in the past month or so, she has started totally opening up to people. She doesn't take hours to warm up - sometimes she doesn't even need a few minutes. She is full of life and laughter around everyone. I love it. Seriously love it. She is still extremely protective of her personal space and doesn't like that being invaded by a stranger, but her overall personality has opened up so much. I have always tried my hardest to not push her. It has not always been easy. There have been times when we have been around other kids or families and she has stayed glued to me the entire time. I wanted nothing more than to pry her off and tell her to just play with the other kids. But I didn't. I let her do this her way. And it has totally paid off. She is kind, loving, affectionate, trusting, and just plain funny around other kids now. She shares her stuff and likes to make people happy. If she is at all unsure, she will stick close to me until she feels a little more comfortable, but again, it doesn't take much for her to warm up these days. I really didn't ever think that she would be like this. I thought that she was always going to be that painfully shy person in a group setting. But she has totally proven me wrong. It makes me so proud to know that she has gotten to a point where she knows it is okay to show people how much fun she loves to have. I just couldn't possibly love her any more.

Today the high here was 90 degrees. No, that was not a typo, I did say 90. I think it got to the upper 80s but not quite 90. When we left dinner tonight at 6:30 my car said it was 84. It was a really beautiful day. As long as we weren't in direct sun, it was perfect out. Lucy, Annie, and I met our friends Katy and Ava at the Arboretum this morning. I took some pictures of Ava and the girls ran and ran and ran. They were so cute together. Then Katy and Ava came over to our house and ate lunch. After they went home, the girls napped and then we went to dinner with Mandy, Louis, and Anna at our very favorite Vietnamese restaurant. It was so delicious. Lucy was a hoot. She was eating pho noodles with my sunglasses on. I was really proud of her because she normally won't even touch any of the food. We came home, put Annie straight to bed, Lucy and I hung out for a while, and then she went down. It was a busy and lovely day. We are all worn out from being on the go so much.

Seashy - how do you think the dress looks? Pretty cute if I do say so myself. Mom, this is the Senorita Margarita dress, or that is what we named it!






These 2 are from Mandy's camera at dinner tonight.
Lucy chop



Anonymous said...

Great day for all!!!!! Love Lucy in the shades eating VN noodles--and how about the look Annie is giving you over her shoulder?????? Priceless!! The dress is very cute. Seashy--Kelly said you should spend your rent money on the gold shoes. Not a chance! And that you could bring the shoes in person this weekend! What a deal! The flowers at the arboretum are beautiful. Our trees, shrubs, etc are all trying to bloom. So, I'm sure it will freeze this weekend. ugh Get some rest, Sweet Pea and kiss the girls for me. Love, Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

I found your blog while checking out various photography blogs. Beautiful pics of beautiful girls! Thanks for sharing them. Oh, and I really hope you post some more photography tips. I am shooting with a Nikon and can use all the help I can get!

My 3 Sons said...

The beautiful green grass and the colors of the flowers sure makes me long for rain down here even more. Everything here is so brown and yucky!!! I love the Senorita Margarita dress. Bright and cheerful, just like Lucy! Annie is really growing and I love her toothy grin even if they cause so much trouble for her. Precious, sweet girls.
Love you all!

KrisJ said...

OK is it just me or are both your girls hair just growing like crazy.. I also noticed in the awesome pics that Annies legs were looking seperated which is great right!!?? So glad you guys had a great day and what a little sweetie Lucy is!

JessT79 said...

Beautiful pics as usual :-)

Wow, such a difference when comparing the pics taken with your camera and your friend's.

Going a little off topic, I know you might have said before, but what kind of camera do you have? And what kind does your friend have?

Amy Jo said...

Wow...90 degrees! I'm so jealous. It actually hit 40 degrees here in Michigan today..yippee! I long for the days when I can see green grass again.

Great pics as always...your girls are so beautiful.

Beverly and Robert said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls : )

Anonymous said...

Love to hear your encouraging news about how Lucy is feeling more comfortable around Gracie-Mai is the same way that Lucy used to be and it gives me hope that maybe one day it will be different! It is a joy for a mother to see her child feeling so confident and at peace. Happy for you!

Kristi said...

Is it wrong to covet green grass and flowers -- oh my, real spring flowers! -- because I am seriously coveting them right now!

Rebecca said...

Oh! I am so excited for spring, those flower pictures are beautiful! We had an ice storm last night so it will be a while before we see color anywhere near us.

I just love your pictures. Thank you for sharing them. I don't think you could ever take a bad picture of those two!

Sherri said...

I can't believe how much Annie's looks are changing. And she is just the happiest baby. I can't wait until we get warm weather and sun on the same day. Miss you guys lots. It's been wayyyyy too long.

Christina said...

Yesterday was a gorgeously warm day, wasn't it?! Crazy this is February! Love Lucy's dress (again!).

You have does such a great job letting Lucy work through her shyness at her own pace. How awesome to see her opening up now!!

hey, are you coming the the bloggers dinner tomorrow??

Trying Traditional said...

The photos are so pretty as always, but I have to say:

I am SO jealous of the green grass and spring bulbs blooming! We still have snow here and there :(
I keep telling my husband it is time to move at least a bit further south.

Kelli said...

Those pictures make me jealous and ready for warm weather. Love all of the bright colors! I love the pics yesterday (or the day before- I've lost all sense of time these days) too!

Kerry said...

Beautiful photos of your girls. I love love the one of Lucy running through the grass. The colors are stunning. Beautiful photos!

what do you shoot with.

Anonymous said...

These photos of Lucy are some of my favorites of all time! The orange bow and the bright blue dress look incredible on her. Plus, she just looks so joyful and full of life - just the way a child should be! Love'em!

MKH said...

those are such awesome colors you captured with the girls! Beautiful as usual! cute dress for sure! love the sunglasses at dinner!