Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Annie 56/365

Lucy 56/365

Today I am thankful that it is the beginning of Lent and that I am going to start improving my health. I have a confession. Ever since Annie has been home, I have become addicted, and I do mean truly addicted, to sweets. I find myself eating candy, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, really anything full of sugar all day long. I would rather have dessert for dinner any time. It is not pretty. At all. I am lucky for some reason that my body has not revolted and gained a zillion pounds, but I have definitely gained some lbs. I am not making changes to lose weight, but because I have no reason to be eating so much junk. I need to get healthier. I am sure my teeth can't handle it either! So, I have cut out all processed sugar and enriched flour for all of Lent. If any of you have ever done the Sugar Busters diet, that is what I am doing. I never break my Lent promises, so I sure hope I don't this time either. And no, I am not Catholic but I have always liked to give something up for Lent. I like to challenge myself, and this is going to be the most challenged I have probably ever been. I couldn't have tested myself any more than I did tonight - we ate Mexican. I didn't eat a single chip or tortilla or drink the mango margarita that I wanted so very badly. I had a taco salad and the good news is - I am not disgustingly stuffed like I am any other time we eat Mexican.

Today was a beautiful day here. The girls were in short sleeved dresses and sandals. The sun was shining and we got to eat dinner outside without being hot or cold, just perfect. I took Lucy to school this morning and took Anners with me so that Justin got a morning to rest as well. Annie and I went to the bookstore. I swear my favorite thing in the world is sitting in Barnes and Noble with a cup of coffee and read through photography books. Annie is so good that I can give her a few toys/books and she will sit right next to me and keep herself content for a while. After that, we went to the mall to exchange a pair of Lucy's shoes. Annie fell asleep in the Ergo so I just walked around with her sleeping. I went through every baby store that I love. All of the new Juicy swimsuits are out and I wanted them all, but I was so good and bought nothing. There were also these Juicy dresses that I REALLY wanted, but again, I used self control and didn't get them. Now that I want two of everything it is extra bad. I need this photography business to take off so that I can indulge in all of my baby girl fashion wants!!

After naps we spent the entire rest of the day outside. Love that. Love it. I am really trying to take advantage of our weather before it is blistering hot and the mosquitoes have returned. We have a busy day planned tomorrow with lots of outside activities. Yippee!

The girls were so cute for their pics today. And just in case you are wondering, Lucy puts herself in the "hands under chin" pose all of the time. I find her sitting like that all of the time. I promise I don't ask her to get in this position since it seems to be popping up in my pictures so often recently. I must admit, it is cute though.




She thought everything was hilarious today.









She is totally Miss America waving at passing cars here.

I adore this picture.

I love this picture because she is breaking her neck to see my neighbor coming out of his house with a girl. We have two single guys next door to us and there is always a constant stream of girls coming and going. It was about 11 am and I am pretty sure that one of them was just getting rounded around for work with one of his ladies in tow. We are kind of hidden on our front porch by all of our landscaping so Annie really wanted to see what was going on. I kind of did too!


Anonymous said...

What great control. Not sure I could have passed up chips at a Mexican restaurant. Or a Margaretia for that matter. I gave up alcohol and sweets for Lent. Here is hoping I can keep it up. My Mom and sisters live by Sugar Busters and there is a store in Baton Rouge that makes bread that works for Sugar Busters.

Good luck with your sacifice. Great pictures today. I wish our weather was like that now (I live in Boston and it is only in the 30s here now). BUT, I sure do love our summers here.

life with the wisners said...

i am so bummed. i just clicked "publish" and something happened and said my comment wasn't saved. rats.

hmmm...what insightful or witty things did i say?

it was along the lines of...SUGAR? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

intelligent and creative. you know me.

seriously, kelly. i am so impressed. SO impressed. that is awesome.

and chips and tortillas at a mexican restaurant? Jesus is giving you an ENORMOUS high five right now. you are IT, friend.

consider me your little imaginary cheerleader. because while you're not having sugar, luscious fountain dr peppers are calling my name. audibly.

dana said...

your babies are just getting cuter and cuter, as if it's possible!!

ya know, i have also been a total sweet tooth ever since bringing ruby home!! glad i'm not alone. i think it has something to do with the lack of sleep and our bodies are searching for a quick and easy way to get energy. i am *trying* to give up the sweets too. heck, i'm just trying to remember to eat 3 meals a day! i went 8 months without any refined sugars, chocolate or sweets and i felt amazing, slept great and had way more zip. good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly--LOVE the pics. Could Annie's hair be getting any wilder??? Makes me so happy. And of course, the Goose is having a hilarious time!! Seashy told me that her store has shoes that she loves for the girls--and I told her that she was on her own. Good grief! Glad the weather is so wonderful. You're right, enjoy before those huge mosquitos show up. I gave up my bubbly cokes on my good ice. ugh I can do it, and boy do my thunder thighs say to get with the program. Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

Annie looks gorgeous in Lilac! That color really suits her. Good luck with your sugar break!

Jenny said...

buying 2 is crazy expensive huh! I have always loved soo many things but just couldn't buy 2.

I am giving up shopping for lent. I have done it before and it went fine.

And good luck with the diet. The sugar is because you are sleeping so poorly with annie (I ate the same way when the girls were first home, but didn't gain cause of the exhaustion, then when they slept I gained!) And basically haven't been eating sugar/flour for 2 months. it goes, you get used to it.

Anonymous said...

PS--thanks for the toe pic. is Lucy in the seniorita dress from Fayetteville? When craning your neck to see next door--do they still have the big dogs? Time for a pic of Bruiser and Bianca.

No more slacking. My house is clean! And, I'm tired.

Jena said...

you are too funny...
spying on you neighbor...I would have been right there with ya...
I am doing a modified sugar buster... mostly to finally kick my last five lbs...
I am super jealous of your weather....
Any updates on the business? Do you have a website yet? a name?

DiJo said...

Hi Kelly!
I am one of the new Mamarazzi's too. I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous work!!! Your daughters are amazing!!!!


Christina said...

I always view Lent the same way - as an opportunity to help myself be more healthy! We are Orthodox Christians and fast from all animals products (so beasially vegan for Lent). Good luck with cutting out all sugar...I'm not sure I could manage that!

Today was such gorgeous weather...really like my dream weather! Ahhh.

I ADORE Lucy's dress, and Annie's skin looks perfectly luminescent!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are just stinkin adorable and your photography is amazing. You inspire me! Loving
your daily posts!!

Anonymous said...

Mexican without tortillas? Torture. Hey, when you gonna share your photog business site with us anyway? I'm dying to see it. I have total confidence that business will allow you to go NUTS on future shopping outings!!

Heather M. said...

Good luck with your new eating habits! I have cut way back on caffeine, but I don't think I could give up sugar ;)

The pictures are great as usual & best of luck on your new photography business. It is hard to pass up cute little girls clothes!

Heather M.
Mommy to 3 from VN.

Anonymous said...

We're not Catholic but do Lent as well. It's the idea of sacrifice and a constant reminder of the sacrifice Christ made for us that I like. I really enjoyed this post b/c of its honesty (and it was kinda' funny, too- the neighbors!). I wish either of my kids would fall asleep in a carrier or stroller so I could mosey around the mall. I sincerely hope you make a serious load of cash with your photography business!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it is not just me that has become addicted to sugar... especially Captian Crunch (I know, very mature). I could eat that cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner right now.

And sooooo jealous of the beautiful weather there... expecting 9 inches of snow today.
Note to self, really, must move some place warm! It is best for my daughter, right?!?! I am just taking her best interest to heart.

Anonymous said...

your girls are cracking me up in this post! I love Lucy's natural posing and Annie's intense curiosity!

Good luck without the refined crap. It's SO good for you. I need to live without it too. In my experience it's the first few days that are SUPER hard coming off the carbs and crashing but after that you really start to feel better and it is easier and easier. There are so many good whole grain products now too that aren't refined that it makes it way easier.

Anonymous said...

love the pictures!! Annie's hair cracks me up. Seriously about the shoes mom was talking about. GOLD SPARKLY Lelli Kelli's...I don't think it gets any better! :)

Pics in new outfits as soon as possible!! clearly mom wants to see the senorita dress! love to all

p.s. i second mom's notion for a pic of bruiser and bianca

Sharon said...

I SO enjoy reading your posts and seeing your girls each day! I might die if I had to give up the sweets : )

Shawna said...

Adorable as usual Kel. I just had a dream (yes, I took a short nap after work today...exhausted!) where I met you, Lucy Goose, Miss Annie & J out on a patio for a long lunch in the beautiful Springtime weather. Wish I really was enjoying that great Texas weather with you!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts & the girls pictures are icing on the cake. I love Annie's "big smiles" pictures but her solemn pictures are just breathtaking. Beautiful Lucy looked like she was in a happy mood & having a fun day. Enjoy the beautiful weather with the girls!!!

MKH said...

absolutely beautiful pics! Lucy and Annie both look so joyful! I give you major kuddos for your will power at the mexican restuarant!