Friday, February 27, 2009


Annie 58/365

Lucy 58/365


Today I am thankful for bedtime. I have to say that at the end of every day with the girls, I am pretty ready for them to hit the hay. I am tired and the idea of peace and quiet is so exciting. I love quiet. I love this time before I go to sleep when I can do whatever I want to do with no distractions (except for the occasional waking of Annie) or interruptions. I cherish the hours after the girls go to bed. I love spending every day with them - I wouldn't trade it for anything, but that doesn't mean that it is always easy or glamourous. The highlight of my day today was lunch at Chick-Fil-A with Mandy and her kids. Don't get me wrong, I had an awesome time because I got to sit and talk with a dear friend, but seriously, Chick-Fil-A was the most exciting thing I did today. Most of the time this doesn't bother me in the least. I don't mind playing toys, listening to Lucy's constant chitter chatter, or carrying Annie around. I didn't really mind it today, I was just ready for my break and the girls were awesome, as they always are, and went to bed with no fuss or fight. So I am thankful that it is quiet time for me.

Other than a few errands and lunch, we just hung out around the house today and played. I worked on my website while the girls napped and it is really getting close to being done. I will share it when I am done, but for now, you will just have to wait. I really like the way it is shaping up. My business name turned out really cute - Mandy gets full credit because she did think of it and I love it. She gets free sessions for life for thinking of the name. She would have gotten that anyway, but that is how I convinced her to be thinking of a name for me!!

The turtle that the girls are holding in these pictures is from Marble Mountain in Danang, Vietnam. Lucy loves that thing and would take it everywhere if I would let her. The girls are so cute and yummy right after bath. There is nothing sweeter than a freshly washed baby.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

I took these two videos this morning. Every day when I take a shower, I put Annie right outside the shower opening with my make up bag. It keeps her busy and happy while I enjoy a hot shower. I end up spending a lot of extra time in the shower because every time I peek around the corner to check on her, I catch her eye, and she lights up so bright. I love it. I peek at her over and over and get the same wonderful reaction every single time. She is such a special soul. I will be saying that for the rest of my life because she truly is. I hid in the shower afterwards today to get it on video. You get the idea, but whenever she sees the camera, she is not quite as excitable.

And this one shows off her ability to do the Vietnamese cluck that they do at all of the babies. Justin learned to do it on our trip for Lucy, I learned on our trip for Annie, and Lucy even learned to do it the other day. Annie has always been able to do it. She still loves for us to cluck at her and if she is getting fussy or upset, I see Lucy go over to her and cluck. Melts my heart!

Annie's eyes are like glass. I didn't even have to point out the other day that you could see me plain as day in the reflection in her eye, and that is the case again today. This happens a lot with her eyes and has inspired me with lots of ideas. Some day I will share these ideas.

This is one from yesterday.






Anonymous said...

It's always so hard to pick out a favorite pic - though this time it's gotta be the last one of Lucy and that adorable look/pose with her turtle. The videos aren't coming up for me though - maybe it's just me?

Totally get what you're saying about bedtime - love the time with my girl, but take a deep breath when I have her down and I have a little quiet time (though we tend to struggle with the process of bedtime, so I always need a little time to decompress).

Heather Field said...

I'm with Stacy...always hard to pick a favorite picture, but that last one was also my favorite. It really captures Lucy's love and fascination with that turtle. And how much more a treasure it is being both from Vietnam and adored by Lucy! So special, all the little keepsakes from their magical birth country.

Glad you got to enjoy some quiet time this evening. Sometimes it is just bliss! Can't wait to see the new website, and Sam is ready for her photo session!

Anonymous said...

Kelly--Yea for bedtime!!! I well remember the feeling! Glad everyone is doing well. I thought the videos were just adorable. Everyone looks so happy! Even looks like the turtle had a fun time. Seashy is close by. Said she called you and that you screened her. So, give her a call. She wants to come see you all tomorrow (in between shopping trips). Wish I was there, too! Paula Sue and I loved the flower show. Lots of beautiful yard ideas. Cold front is coming thru--lots of rain and wind. Tennis match in the morning. The house down the street is open this Sunday--think I will take Paula thru to show her how disappointed we were. Cluck at both my little chickens. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Kelli said...

Sorry, I can't pick a favorite! I think the videos are my fav today. Annie is such a happy little soul. I love how her whole body gets excited, especially her little legs!

life with the wisners said...

well, my goodness. haven't you outdone yourself? pics AND a video? nice, friend. NICE.

those jammies pictures are wonderful. makes me want to cuddle with them. and they're not even my kids. :)

the very last picture. right after the close up of annie's eyes? is gorgeous. her looking up at you? way to go.

your little family made me smile today.

Anonymous said...

That baby's smile could light up a room! What a precious girl she is.

I found myself watching the videos of her with this big silly grin on my face - Annie's smile is contagious!

Anonymous said...

I really REALLy value my quiet time too. And there are days when Chik Fil A would be heaven on earth! Sad, I know!

Love the videos! That girl is so adorable! I just love her love for you :)

MKH said...

really cute pics of the girls! and those eyes are just amazing. I've never seen a reflection in an eye (in a picture) before-amazing to me!