Monday, February 23, 2009


Lucy 54/365

Annie 54/365


Today I am thankful for starting Annie's therapy and it going so well. She charmed the pants off of the OT. We sat in this little play room where Annie got to play with all kinds of fun toys and let the OT get a sense of how she responds/handles herself in different situations. Today was an evaluation day. She let the therapist hold her and feel her muscles and move her around in different positions. Justin and I both laughed that it was a good thing that Lucy didn't need this kind of therapy because I just can't even imagine how she would have reacted to a strange lady touching her/interacting with her. Anyway, the OT was very pleased with what Annie is able to do and she reassured me that her attachment is progressing nicely. When Annie got frustrated or upset she immediately looked to me for comfort and she settled quickly after just a few moments of momma time. We talked at length about the progress she has made, concerns that we have, and where we would like to see her improve with the therapy. After watching Annie for quite a while, the OT observed that she is, in fact, quite stiff and that certain muscle groups (her extension muscles) are extremely strong while others are lacking in strength. In particular, we are going to have to work on her stomach muscles. I would have guessed that her abs were extra strong given her normal postures, but she said that it is really her back that is doing most of the work and we really need to get her lower abdomen working. Annie is unable to pull her legs underneath her when she is on her tummy, she cannot go from sitting to laying or vice versa, she can't pull herself up to a standing position, etc. These are all things we will work on. The OT was impressed with how curious she was and her willingness to explore new things. I was really proud of Annie. She did great and I know it was a weird situation for her. By the end she was exhausted and ready to be done but she was still be a little pumpkin. We are going to start going every week. The picture above is one of the things we are supposed to start working with her on at home. She is so used to keeping her legs stiff and right next to one another, so we are going to start by pulling one leg up and letting one stay straight. It will allow her to get a sense of separation of her legs. You would be amazed at how hard it is to separate her legs. It takes some work. And then to keep them like this is really a task. But as you can see, she is a great sport about it. We will start working on the eating stuff in a little while. The OT said that eating/oral stuff is really personal and she would rather establish a relationship with Annie and then address those issues in a few weeks.

Lucy was my little helper for dinner tonight. We had one of the yummiest things I have ever made for dinner tonight - parmesan crusted chicken breasts from The Pioneer Woman. Make these. They are awesome and so easy. Lucy was in charge of all mixing and she did quite an awesome job. She loves to help in the kitchen. Don't worry, nothing was on while she was standing next to the stove/oven. I realize it looks a little dangerous in the pics.

I went to see He's Just Not that Into You tonight with some friends. It was cute and the popcorn and peanut m&m's were delicious. I got to sleep all night last night because Justin took Annie duty. It was really nice but I have just had a hard time getting caught up on sleep. Some day I will not feel like a walking zombie again, right?




Even Lucy ate the chicken.


Laura said...

I don't know - it's been over a year and I'm still a zombie! :) I feel like I'm never going to catch up. It will get better with time, though. Trust me - it seems like Annie will never sleep well, but one day, she'll wake up less often and you'll feel more rested. It's so darn hard to be that tired; I really feel for you b/c I know how tough it is. I've never been a good sleeper anyway (tried every last Rx there was) and then having a baby that NEVER slept rocked my world. Hang in there b/c it will improve.

I'm so glad to hear you have Annie in OT. Mattix went for about four months (he just "graduated") and my two areas of concern are now non-issues. He's actually well ahead of his age in those areas now. It's just amazing what a difference you'll see. I know Annie will be great! Mattix actually cried every week in the beginning and didn't want to go back with his OT. By the end, he was yelling, "Ms. Kim! Play! Peeezzzeee!" as he left me in the dust. In fact, before our last session, his OT and I were talking and he got mad b/c he wanted me to let Ms. Kim go play with him! So if Annie's this amenable to it now, just imagine how much progress she is going to make. (Also, one of my closest friend's (adopted) child had issues with food and he made AMAZING progress.)

I love the photo of Annie in the air. She looks so giggly.

Emily said...

i am so glad the therapist was pleased with annie. good lord, i am sure she charmed the pants off of her. are you kidding, with that smile! i need to see that smile in person one day!

such a cute picture of justin and annie. i have one similar where lee is holding lulu above his head. and i have always really loved it. there is something to me that represents the strength of a daddy and the joy of a child.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you guys learned SO MUCH in just one session. That's got to feel great! I bet she's going to make record progress. She has such a great spirit and personality, it'll help her make huge gains fast!

I will have to try that recipe. I am totally in love with the pecan chicken from Central Market. Is it better than that?

life with the wisners said...

friend. this post made me smile so much. on so many levels.

justin holding annie in the air? awesome.

lucy EATING the chicken? awesome.

annie's OT eval? i am over the top excited. what great news for you. to know that someone is going to work through these things WITH you.

so fun to see your happy, little family together again. welcome home, daddy.

LawMommy said...

Yes, someday you will feel less like a zombie. It will probably be a gradual thing. Hang in there. I know it's hard to have a child that doesn't sleep. Really, really hard.

I love the photo of Lucy looking at the spice jar (garlic powder?). She looks very serious about it - adorable.

Cinnamon said...

Glad to hear that Annie is starting some OT. It is so nice to get help from a professional. Jade starts Speech next week. I can't wait till she can start communicating without being frustrated at times.
That chicken sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Annie is going to start OT. Ped Therapist's are just the best and have made a HUGE difference in Samuel's life. Caroline went to PT for several months for strengthing...she was opposite of Annie...low "floppy" tone.

I can not wait to see all her improvements!

adoptiondreams said...

OK-NOT FAIR---You are an awesome Mom, you are cute, and you are an amzing blogger...I made myself feel better about not being such a great blogger when I compared myself to you by thinking you must not cook-now I come to find out you cook too! I can't wait to try the recipe!
You have officially inspired me, I am trying to blog one more time, I am copying your blog a day with a listing of gratitude-this will definitely pose a challenge because I tend to be more salty than sweet, and my photography skills are weak-but I think it can only in the end be a great exercise for me.
So once again-thanks for all you do-you really are an inspiration to us Mom's out here.
Jennifer in Indy
Mom to Vietnam Aniie 2006

Christina said...

I am overjoyed for the success of Annie's OT evaluation, and can't wait to watch her progress! And, I love Pioneer Woman...we're yet to try a single recipe from her that we didn't like.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about Thanh that you wrote about Lucy. She would have never left my arms for an OT session. Way to go, Annie! Also, how wonderful that your OT stresses postiive as well as areas of concern, and is so respectful of Annie's needs (and isn't jumping into the more personal areas.) I'm happy for you.

Unknown said...

I am a long-time blog lurker and figured I should come out from behind the curtain and introduce myself!

I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I love your writing and your family is beautiful! I have really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures through this 365 day project. I am trying to get into photography and seeing your pictures inspire me. I am hoping one day to be as talented as you!

I think what really drew me to your blog is that I was adopted from Korea and I love love love reading about other people's adoption stories. Your girls are beautiful and I've been sharing your stories with my mom, who is encouraging me to get married and start adopting some grandbabies for her!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

MKH said...

I'm so glad the first appt with the OT went well! I'm sure the therapist is going to just love working with Annie! She is just so cute! Lucy looked like your little helper today-too cute!