Sunday, February 22, 2009


Lucy 53/365


Today I am thankful that Justin is home. It is so nice to have him around to talk to, to help me with the girls, and to watch him dote over the girls. They just love him so much. We miss you so much when you are gone honey! Now I can have someone to be exhausted with! Annie actually did a little better last night. I really think she has more teeth coming in that are giving her fits. Darn teeth.

Happy Oscars night. I love the Oscars. Initial thoughts on best dressed? I am just now starting it on TIVO, so I really don't know yet. In case you are wondering why the girls are dressed up in their pics tonight, it is obviously for the Oscars!! I had to be careful with wild woman Lucy in my fancy dresses. The black one is the one I wore to the Grammys. She LOVED the dresses, but adored the jewelry quite a bit more. I have visions in my head of the girls in dress up clothes with lots and lots of long pearls and other costume jewelry. I haven't been able to find the kind of dress up clothes I want though. Some day I will get the photo I see in my head. It is funny because I see all of these pictures in my head that I would like to capture one day. I plan on writing them down and getting around to every single one of them.

The open house apparently went really well. We'll see. We just wasted time at the mall while it was open. It was very nice to be able to just come back home and relax the rest of the day. Lucy was crazy this afternoon - in a funny way. She was just running wild through the house, jumping on everything, singing, dancing, etc. I think she was showing off for Justin.





Annie 53/365


Please let Wall-E win this one.



I am off to watch the Oscars. Nighty night.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like wearing all your jewels with a big slobber bubble!!! Lucy looked like a princess--I think she loved the jewelry! Annie--pretty sober!!! Both, priceless, non the less! Did Annie get to stay with you for Sunday School?? Hope your day went well. I'm glad that Justin is home for all you girls, too. Happy Oscar watching! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Kim said...

All your photos are great as usual...the one of Annie with the bubble is too cute!

I am having a giveaway on my is an adorable little barrette, hop over and leave me a comment and I'll enter you.

Have a great week!


Beth said...

I love these pictures!! What can be more fun than little girls playing dress-up??

life with the wisners said...

ok. the next to the last picture? is so incredibly wonderful. i can't stop looking at it. and smiling.

and what in the world? you went to the grammys? story?

these dresses are fabulous. and the jewelry is magnificent. i'm a word girl. and magnificient is the only word that will work for these images. they are awesome.

please tell me you weren't at NP today. because we were.

i tried a little bit of LR today, and i was frustrated. wished i was at your house or had you next to me, walking me through it. :)

and how did sunday school go?

Anonymous said...

So girly. I love it. The bubble is the best!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, I love these photos! Gorgeous! Both girls look amazing and precious.

I liked the performance with Hugh Jackman and Beyonce (minus the HSM kids - blah). It was kind of a nice change to have someone who isn't a comedian hosting (and I usually prefer funny). They're getting near the end now...just did Best Actress and are now doing Best Actor. I love Brad Pitt. (I know that has nothing to do with your post, but I can't help myself.)

KrisJ said...

So many good choices tonight! I was surprised that all the ladies looked pretty amazing! I want to come play dress up with you guys lol!!

M. said...

Lucy's dimple just kills me- so, so precious. And what could be classier than a big 'ole spit bubble while puttin' on your finest? That's my kind of woman!

Kate said...

I agree with everyone. The bubble shot is the best. Love playing dress up with my girl.

Oscars were awesome! Awkward moment when Jennifer Aniston (who was more than uncomfortable) was on stage and they did a quick shot to Angelina...tacky.

Anonymous said...

Fancy shmancy

Anonymous said...

awesome shots momma! i love it.
glad justin is home to share the late nights.
i couldn't make it to the end...
i fell asleep.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Love the b/w of Annie the pearls look amazing. I'm not sure what's in your head but I seriously doubt anything could top these! So beautiful!

York Family said...

I love seeing your pictures. They are amazing!

The Houser's said...

Penelope Cruz - old hollywood glamour.. sigh:) Love your pictures of the girls, wish I could think of things like that!!

Anonymous said...

Lucy looks like a little lady in your Grammy gown - just beautiful. I love these shots - very creative, girl!

jilljohnandhope said...

What a great idea to dress them up for the Oscars! So fun! Love the pictures, especially the bubble one!

As far as the red carpet, I loved Anne Hathaway's dress, and Amy Adams' necklace.

Shawna said...

There are two of Lucy in the cream dress that are absolutely gorgeous! And loved Annie's toes with the pearls around her feet! Ok, I'm going to post this tonight, but my favs last night were Taraji Henson (fav gown of the night), Angelina (obviously) and Natalie Portman (probably wouldn't wear her gown, but she's just so, so gorgeous). Hated Jennifer Biel's gown! So glad J's back home!

Trying Traditional said...

so beautiful

I have a friend who dresses up her girls in her wedding dress every year on their wedding anniversary. They are 6 and 8 now and to see the photos one after the other are really fun.

Have you ever thought of having someone sew you the dresses you see in your mind?

Anonymous said...

Awww, those are gorgeous shots. I LOVE the black dress - post some pics from that night!! :) But that cream dress on Lucy is just amazingly gorgeous.

Addy's fake jewelry is from Lilly's Kids, I think. She LOVES it, wears it daily. You need it!

I hear ya on the great dress-up stuff. It's impossible to find.

Amber said...

OH KELLY!!!!!!! I LOVE THESE! what a fun idea!!!!!!!!!

Mama P said...

Wait...what??? You went to the GRAMMY'S???? How did you swing that one?

Amanda said...

I love the last photo of adorable!!! Its so fun having girls, isn't it?

MKH said...

amazing as usual! Lucy looks like a little movie star in her dress up!

Unknown said...

This pictures as so adorable!! I want to hear about your trip to the grammys! I would love to go to the grammys!! Very envious :)!

Christina said...

I have so many favorite pictures from you...but this series is yet another favorite! So awesome. And, we need the Grammy's story!

mam said...

Are you KIDDING me with that Annie-and-spit-bubble shot!!? That's the most amazing picture ever...I LOVE these! Oh, I wish you lived closer (or would come to Oregon)...I'd pay you whatever you wanted to take some pictures for me.