Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Lucy 41/365

Annie 41/365

Today I am thankful that our house is being shown a lot and getting all positive feedback. I really don't want to have to deal with our house being on the market for a long time. It is just so much work and like I have said before, I am not a fan of not knowing exactly what our plans are while we wait to see what happens with the house. Obviously none of this feedback means it is going to sell quickly, but no one is coming back saying that we have it priced too high, which is what Justin and I were concerned about. We decided to trust our real estate agent and price it how she told us to, but it seemed really high to us. I know, why would we ever fight about listing it higher, but it is definitely possible to price yourself out of the market. I guess we didn't do that. I am so thankful that our agent knows what she is talking about!! I do love our agent. She is so sweet. When I talked to her today she had all great things to tell me. Yippee!

We had another fabulous day. My mom and I took the girls up to my high school alma mater today. I absolutely loved high school and several of my favorite staff members are still there and they had not met Annie yet. They were all thrilled to see the girls. Annie was so sweet. After that we went to the mall, ate lunch, and walked around a bit. I am dying over all of the girl spring clothes right now. LOVE IT ALL! Really want it all. Baby girls clothes are just the best. Luckily for Lucy, she basically gets all new stuff each season because most of her stuff from last summer won't fit anymore. Some of it will, but she has gotten too tall for a lot of it. Poor Annie just gets all of the hand me downs. Of course, Lucy's hand me downs are pretty awesome and most of them have only been worn a few times at most. Then we came home, the girls napped, and I worked on my website. It is coming right along. Can't wait until it is all done and I can show it to you all. I need about another week I think. I am really pleased with how it is turning out though.

For those of you wondering how I get all of the good face shots of Annie, it is really quite simple. Sweet baby girl is still completely immobile, so she can't go anywhere!! Unfortunately for her, I think she is not going to be on the move for a while longer. We are working on her arm strength, but she is very resistant still. So, crawling is a ways off. Also, she doesn't know yet that the camera is annoying, so she doesn't run from it the way that Lucy normally does. I have Lucy pretty trained though since we are doing every day pictures. She has become pretty cooperative. And Nicki, don't even say that my baby girl is getting big!! Annie has to stay little for a LONG time! But yes, I guess you are right, she is changing so much and beginning to lose that tiny baby look. :( She is such a peanut and totally immobile so I still really think of her as a little baby. I am in no hurry at all for her to get big. I just love the size that she is right now. She is the perfect snuggle and holding size.

Lucy freaked when I took this away. She obviously didn't get to eat much of this at all, but I had to get some pictures after seeing other cuties with huge lollipops.





JessT79 said...

Looks like a yummy lollipop, Lucy! :-)

Anonymous said...

you have two of the most beautiful girls evah! great shots...even if miss annie is growing up!

NHP said...

I have enjoyed checking your blog and seeing the girls pictures. I know your photography business will be blessed by God because your talent is totally from Him. I love all your work!
We have two little ones born in Vietnam as well, Avi Joy (Sept 2006) and Nehemiah (Jan 2009), just like you- Vietnam has a very special place in our hearts forever.
(We traveled with Heather Homan the first time around, I know you all have met...)
Have a great evening!
blog and pics,

Jena said...

Gosh, girl Lucy and the Lolli are too cute, I also loved the face shot of Annie in your last post...
I am super excited for you and your photo business!
Some of our really great friends are photographers, they do amazing work, are married and have 3 kiddos...I think they met in photography school...
I'm not sure why I rambling on and, I think I need to go to bed!

Dawn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the lollipop...gotta get one of those for my Katie girl. Of course I think I will wait till the snow melts. That is most definitely one of those things you want them to eat outside!

jilljohnandhope said...

I love the pictures. And it is so very funny to me how much you loved high school, and I still have nightmares over the very same school! It still hurts my stomach to think about it. :-)

life with the wisners said...

ok, seriously. here comes another similarity. big h and goo ate red and white swirly lollipops yesterday. but i didn't post them because i am sending valentine's cards to my parents and in-laws, and i included those. and i didn't want them to see them on the blog yet.

crazy, you and i are.

what i would give to be the recipient of your daughter's hand-me-downs. FAB-U-LOUS!

and your site? is going to be up in a week? what? we just talked last week, and you were undecided.

dude. aren't you on a roll? and way faster and more productive than me. way to go, friend.

can't wait until you get back. and can't wait to hear about your house.

Anonymous said...

i miss all my guuuuyyyysssssss!


Anonymous said...

That second to last pic of Annie? See that's what I mean! What is that? A wry look?!?! Geez! Is she 12?!?

Where are you shopping? I have hated every single store I've been in and Addy is totally out of clothes. I am desperate for some cute stuff this summer.

MKH said...

Those are some cutie shots of the girls doing their thing! I'm excited to see your website! How I wish I lived near you all, I would sign up for a shoot for my girls! glad the house showings are still going well!

Mama P said...
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Christina said...

It's so wonderful your house is getting this much interest already - it's tough in this market, and it took my sister over a year do sell. sounds like you're home is ding amazingly well, which is really no surprise as lovely as it is!