Monday, February 09, 2009


Lucy 40/365

Annie 40/365

Today I am thankful for all of the new babies that dear friends of mine have recently had. They are all healthy, the mommas are all healthy, and the babies are so precious. I got to have lunch with some of my very best friends from college today. Kathy just had Perry 3 weeks ago. Perry is such a cutie and is already doing so awesome for being so little. She looks a lot like her beautiful momma. I didn't get a single picture of Perry but we will definitely see her again this week, so stay tuned. Jayme and sweet Ellie were also at lunch. Jayme had Ellie several weeks early and Jayme was very sick with extremely high blood pressure, but now at 2 months, both Mom and baby are healthy and happy. Ellie is such a tiny little peanut and she never made a peep - she slept the entire 3 hours we were together. We also saw Maggie, Ted, and their new son Titus, who just turned 3 months old. He was the only boy in the group and I think he liked all of the ladies! He was such a charmer and full of smiles. Mags, it was so great to see you and Ted - it has been WAY too long. Please come and visit us. And finally, my friend Stacey was also along for this crazy visit. She had Annie smiling, laughing, and dancing the entire time, which allowed me to love of the babies. Thanks Stace! It was really rainy and dark here today, so I barely took any pictures. Only Ellie made it into any of the 10 pics that I took. Here she is. Just adorable. I wanted to take more pictures of her for Jayme, but the weather just didn't cooperate.




Lucy stayed with Lee Lee while Annie and I visited everyone. Trust me, she definitely preferred to be at the house with Lee Lee. Plus, we all (yes, all of the adults and 4 little babies) went out to eat. The babies were all perfectly behaved, which was truly a miracle. When I got home, Lucy was napping and this was in the living room:


And so, reason #7,620 why Lucy would like to move in with Lee Lee and Papa - you get to bring antique Wonder Horse inside the house when it is raining outside. How can I compete with that? The girl wants nothing to do with me while we are here. When she wakes up and I go to get her, she starts shouting for Lee Lee. She only wants Lee Lee to get her in/out of her carseat, to hold her when she needs carried, and to change her diapers (I am definitely not complaining about this one). I am totally chopped liver!! What can I say, she loves all of her grandparents. She really has them all wrapped around her little finger.



Annie was not too sure about the horse and Lucy wanted to take her for a few wild rides.


She preferred to talk to him from the safe place of the floor.

And finally, Lee Lee might not be the best diaper changer! Ha. Lucy won't ever stay still, but I think I normally do a little better job than this. Looks like her panties are really in a wad over something.


Heather Field said...

LOVE all the horse pics! And that last one is killing me! (Note to self...don't read Kelly's blog with a tummy ache. Laughing only makes it hurt worse!)

Amber said...

lucy's first thong!!!!!!! hilarious! i so bad wish that we could have made it down to lr for the fun lunch date!

Christina said...

Oh man, what fun times!! The horse, the lunchdate - you gals are living large. :) Well, inbetween wedgies anyway, haha!

Jayme said...

It was so good to see you too and to meet Miss Annie! She is just the cutest thing and so happy! The pics of Ellie turned out sweet and I wish we could have gotten one of all the girls! Oh well, maybe next time! Gives us a good excuse to get together again anyways :)

life with the wisners said...

oh friend. what a great time for you.

um, could you be any cuter? the answer is no. no, you could not, in fact, be any cuter.

lucy is a maniac on that thing. i love it.

love that you are having such a great time. can't wait until you get home and we can play again.

Kelli said...

Those wild horse riding pics are hilarious!

Sharon said...

Awww, I miss my horse like that. I think his name was Thunderbolt?? All 3 of my kids love my parents, Nana and Poppa, more than anything else. Gene would rather sleep at their house than hang out with his friends!?

Anonymous said...

cute pics kelly! love the cheek shot! and man can she get it on that horse! xo

Anonymous said...

Lucy looks like she is ready for the rodeo!

And I know how you feel with Lucy and her grandparents...Phoebe is the same way. By the tiime they leave...I am begging for her attention I miss her so much! But I know what a treasure it is for her to have that relationship.

MKH said...

that is such a cute diaper shot of Lucy (reminds me of how I find my kids when my hubby diapers them)! even he can laugh! glad you had such a nice day with your friends and congrats to all of them on the birth of their kiddo's!

Kate said...

Yeee Haaw! Wonder Horse lives at my parents house too. Love the diaper-wedgie!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the horse pictures! My MIL still has my husband's horse. I think they called it Paco as kids. My daughter is too young to do it on her own, but she sure does try. And I am also chopped liver when my MIL is around!

Anonymous said...

That horse - I love it and the pictures! And that last picture - so adorable!

jilljohnandhope said...

I laughed out loud when I saw Lucy's diaper. That is fabulous.

melissa said...

lucy on the horse.... absolutely awesome shots!

Anonymous said...

What can a LeeLee say?? See what fun it is to have the OLD toys around?? Yee haw!! And you guys cut me some slack about the diaper. I had a moving target. Love to all, Lee Lee