Saturday, February 07, 2009


Lucy 38/365

Annie 38/365

Today I am thankful for the peaceful feeling that I get every time that I come to my parent's house. It still always feels like home to me. I am extra relaxed. I love to be here and I love for the girls to be around both sets of their grandparents because they are both so happy around all of them. Lucy and I slept together last night because we got in around 11:30 pm and she was out of sorts. She woke me up this morning chanting about being at Papa and Lee Lee's house. I also love it here because I got to take a morning nap and because Justin and I get to go to the movies tonight, both of which are unheard of at our house. It will be so awesome to have the time with Justin where we just get to do something that we want to do and do it with no distractions. We are going to see Slumdog Millionaire, which is something that we both want to see.

We really just played today. The weather was gorgeous. Lucy got the most awesome surprise after her nap today. We were in the backyard swinging on the swing with Lee Lee. Mom and I could here the ice cream truck in the background. We didn't tell Lucy what it was in fear that it might not come down our street, but we took her to the front yard hoping that it would. She has never seen the ice cream truck before today. The music was getting louder so I ran in to get some money and when I came back out, Lucy and Lee Lee had flagged him down. Lucy got to pick whatever she wanted from the pictures on the side of the truck. She chose a rainbow push up. She thought that this was the coolest thing she has probably ever done. I love seeing her get so excited over something. It doesn't take much to make her day.

We ate at a Hibachi grill tonight. Annie sat in the high chair and watched every single move that the cook made. She was totally enthralled. She didn't cry when they did the big fire, but it made her have a big shiver. The food was yummy and we all are extremely full from dinner. I am sure Justin and I will be able to make some room for popcorn though!

Okay, I have to run because I have a date tonight!



Lots of drool today






life with the wisners said...

first...nap? awesome. way to go, mama. with your sweetie? i am so pumped for you. let me know what you think about the movie.

third...shocker. your pictures are fabulous today. love the dress annie is in. and lucy on the little caterpillar? is awesome.

have a great night tonight. and a super time at your parents' house.

Sharon said...

Have a great date tonight!!!!! So cute how Lucy's legs go in the air like that.

Anonymous said...

so so cute!! also love Lucy and Annie's always : )

Kelli said...

Have a fun date tonight!

Anonymous said...

This thing called a "date" that you speak of, I think I've heard of those before...
Good for you! Have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

awwww, your home away from home sounds so ideal!! And I just LOVE how excited Lucy got over the ice cream truck (we don't get 'em down our street but can always hear them streets away - it's torture!) and how amazed Annie was about the dinner show :)

Anonymous said...

All quiet here on the western front! Two precious angels sound asleep. The only thing Lucy "talked" me in to after you left for date night, was to watch a show for 10 minutes. Which of course, we did! Then read books, sang--and off to la la land. So glad you're here. Love and kisses, Mom

Anonymous said...

Don't know what I punched to make it say anonymous! Oh well. More love and kisses, LeeLee

Kate said...

I just got back a few minutes ago from seeing Slumdog. Loved it!!! Can't wait to watch the Oscars now. How'd you like it?

Anonymous said...

Funny we saw Slumdog Millionaire tonight as well! My parents are visiting us and watching Phoebe so we get to go on a date...which rarely happens. We LOVED it...truly an amazing film.

Emily said...

i went to slumdog a few weeks ago and loved it. incredible movie.
i have the same feeling when i go to my parents house. you just feel so loved and taken care of. and the kiddos feel that too.
hope yall had a fun night.

Julie and Dean said...

I just located your blog and it is great. Your children are beautiful.
I love what you said about having peace when you go home to your parents. I feel the same way.
Glad I found your blog. Julie

fourever love said...

What kind of lens do you use? If you get a moment email me st Thank you! I love your pictures and am looking for a new lens.

MKH said...

hope you had a great date! what movie did you see? neat pics!

Anonymous said...

Lucy, your sister is sooooo cute like you!!!