Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Am I So Lucky? 12/365

Being a parent is so hard. So very hard. But it is also the best thing ever. I catch myself looking at both of my girls every single day and thinking of how incredibly blessed I am to get to be their mom. Even when Annie has been up all night and Lucy has pushed every button of mine possible, I still know how lucky I am. Thank you for our girls, God. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Today's pictures really capture their spirit and I love that.

Lucy did great going back to school. She was like an old pro. Made me so proud. Annie is actually going to the doctor tomorrow, so I will give a weight update then. We had Mandy and her fam over for dinner tonight and Lucy was in pure heaven - her sweet Louis was back. She had CLEARLY missed the boy and followed him everywhere and was constantly fighting for his utmost attention. She is not like this with any other child but Louis. She just adores the sweet boy. She was kind of excited to see Anna, but nothing like she was for Louis. Makes me giggle every single time. If Louis even understood how special he is in her life.....

Annie's eyes in all of these are so beautiful. So, so sweet she is.

Quite possibly my favorite picture ever of her. She makes the funniest little grins, but they are hard to catch on film. I normally just catch the huge, open mouth smile. But this is a picture I look at and think, "Yeah, that's my girl all right." Look at her eyelashes.
Annie 12/365



Please mean teeth, give my girl a break.


Thinking about things.
Lucy 12/365

Giving Dada and quick check up with her new doctor kit from Santa.


Check out her pager.

Doctor Lucy


Together 12/365


Anonymous said...

I can say nothing because the pics evoke so much love and emotion. You and Justin are blessed--the girls are a gift from heaven. And they are beautiful. Love and kisses, LeeLee

Anonymous said...

So, so sweet, cute and beautiful!

LaLa said...

Beautiful...isn't it amazing to be entrusted with such gifts : )

Anonymous said...

great shots. i love the dr's kit. poor justin, i hate that he had to get a shot. ha!

it's amazing. at the point of exhaustion, if you can stop for a moment to look in those eyes. everything is alright.
and i mean ALL RIGHT. :D

Sharon said...

So very sweet.

Kate said...

Blessed indeed!
I love the first photo of Annie! Glad Lucy had a great first day back.

Anonymous said...

Every day I say these are the best pictures yet & then the next day comes. They really are two beautiful little girls!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Lucy never has to wear one in real life (a pager, that is;). That first pic is my favorite ever of Annie. She looks like such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.

KrisJ said...

Goodness your talent with photos makes me so jealous... I always think Im taking a great photo then look and O man it just isnt great. I love how you capture their eyes soo sweet!

Christina said...

They certainly are beautiful, precious little girls. You are blessed...and so are they!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful girls. Thats great too see a Dad playing with his children. I don't have a blog but I like to read them, maybe someday I will jump on the wagon.

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your daily posts and pics. I envy you b/c I badly want to do this but know it is not right for me to add this to the plate right now. Instead, I visit here and admire your cuties! Keep 'em coming, it is worth the effort!

Anonymous said...

You look so settled as a family in these photos. So beautiful.

MKH said...

Those are the absolute sweetest pics of your girls. Looks like a fun day! megan

Erica said...

Oh Kelly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos! I'll be back in your neck of the woods in April--maybe we can get the kids together. My son loves little girls, especially older ones ;)