Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Annie weighed in at 15 lbs 13 oz (she is up 2 lbs since she has been with us). I really thought that she was going to break 16 lbs. Almost pumpkin. She is less than the 5th percentile, but I know she is always going to be pretty small. Unlike Lucy who is really tall and skinny, Annie is quite short. She did great at the doctor today and I got a lot of questions answered that I have had recently. Those darn teeth are still not here yet. Ugh. She had a really rough night last night, so I am hoping for much better tonight. I actually just got her out of bed at around 11:30 and just stopped fighting it and let her hang out with me until about 12:30. She is so happy and content to let me hold her and coo at me. But momma needs sleep!!!!

Lucy amazes us right now with her talking. She talks ALL of the time. We don't always know what she is talking about, but most of the time we do. Yesterday when we were driving home from school, out of no where she says, "Nana and Grandy in Vietnam." To which I said with some shock in my voice, "What are Nana and Grandy doing in Vietnam?" And she very matter of factly told me, "They are visiting Annie's house." And that was that. Her favorite thing to say is, "What happened, Momma?" She seriously asks this question a zillion times a day and expects a really good answer. The problem is, sometimes she asks this when honestly nothing at all has happened or is happening. I love to carry on full blown conversations with her.

Now, totally unrelated, WHO IS PUMPED THAT AMERICAN IDOL STARTED TONIGHT?? Obviously I am. I love the audition shows, but I do tend to get a little upset when they feature the kids that honestly do believe that they are good and blatantly make fun of them. It is just mean. Don't get me wrong, I tend to laugh at the singing, but then I get so sad for them when the judges take it too far. Anyway, I am so excited that the new season has started.

Here are my pics of the day. Kathy, thanks so much for the precious outfit on Annie. She got several compliments at the doctor today in it.
Annie 13/365







I am not kidding when I say that Justin ate spaghetti for every single meal in Vietnam on both of our trips. This past time he taught Lucy how to slurp her noodles, which is what she was doing tonight for her pictures.
Lucy 13/365





Mom2J&I said...

Great pictures (as always) and Annie's outfit is too cute! She is such a doll.
Now I'm wondering if I should teach my kids to slurp their noodles???

Mom said...

Darling, darling pics of both our girls!!! Kathy, great work on the outfit--too cute. Is to get so COLD here! Ugh. I got a really big job done today, (no Kelly) I mean my Christmas cards!!! Yea. Off to the Post Office tomorrow! Kiss the girls. Lots of love, LeeLee

Heather Field said...

YAY for a good doc appointment! Glad to hear she is doing well and gaining weight! Hope she sleeps better tonight! LOVE Annie's outfit, it is so adorable on her! And the spaghetti pics are great too!

Sarah said...

Oh the CUTENESS of Annie...Love the pictures. I too was pumped to watch American Idol ;)Hope you get some sleep tonight.

My 3 Sons said...

Love the profile shot. How sweet is that!!!

The Condreys said...

She looks so stinking cute!!! Glad the doc appt went well. Can't wait to see you guys again! said... and gorgeous!

lee said...

sweet sweet girls!
i think zbug and lucy have the same build! here's to more sleep!

Jayme said...

Those are some of the best pics of Annie! She is beautiful, and Lucy is just as cute as she can be! Where did you get Annie's little shoes? They are precious!

Dawn said...

I love waking up to see your amazing pictures...great job on keeping it up every day, I don't know how you do it! LOVE Annie's outfit...what a cute little peanut!

S. said...

Annie is just truly gorgeous, and gets more so every time I look! love the spaghetti slurping too!

Norah said...

Spaghetti slurping champion! Annie's eyes are so expressive. I sometimes can see the whole world in Linhsey's eyes.

Kelli said...

Love that outfit. Hurry up teeth!

Kate said...

I'm enjoying daily pics of the girls. Annie's such a peanut! I love her profile shot. Can Lucy come over and teach Luci to slurp! Fun! :)

Nicki said...

Those are some of my favorite pictures of Annie!!! Poor baby in teething hell.

I am totally geeked about AI and all the new shows about to start, too. This year they are only doing 3 try-out shows and I am SO happy. 3 will be plenty. I feel the same as you - funny ...but not.

MKH said...

adorable pics! megan

Kristi said...

It's amazing how quickly Annie is growing and changing -- and filling out!

She is really a darling little girl.

And you've got to love a girl who can slurp her noodles!

Jenny said...

you have great light in your house! Annie is getting soo big. My girls are the same, very short and small.

And the noodles slurp! Love it.

Christina said...

I can relate to having a little girl talking non-stop! It's SO fun and entertaining...but sometimes I wish there was a mute button. Haha! We have hit the age of "why" over here.

Love the noodle slurp! And Annie's outfit is SO totally adorable!