Friday, January 30, 2009


Annie 30/365

Lucy 30/365


Today I am thankful for my camera. I picked up a digital SLR on my birthday just under 1.5 years ago. All I wanted to get out of that camera was finally catching a smile of Lucy's because my point and shoot was so slow and I literally had about 2 pictures of her precious smile. That is all I thought I wanted to get out of that camera. But then I started really looking at my pictures and wanting to know how to edit them to look better. It slowly started to become somewhat of an obsession. And now, I love taking pictures so very much. I love that I have really learned how to do something that I think is so cool. I still have SO much to learn, and every time I learn something new it is so exciting to me. But what I love the most is that I am going to have my girls' lives so well documented through photos. I LOVE looking through old pictures of me and my sisters. I wish we had a lot more - especially a lot more that weren't from Olan Mills (sorry mom, but they are awful). My children are going to have boat loads of pictures of their childhood. Someday they won't remember this time, but I am trying to make it so they can see how much fun we had each day together. I just love taking pictures and I love the memories that are so easy for me to remember by glancing at a picture. What I don't love is how stinking expensive this is. Maybe if I would buckle down and get a website I could get some more clients, make some money, and buy the camera, lenses and lighting equipment that I lust over. Must do this. Now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are going to a local Tet festival tomorrow. I am excited about that. We are watching the Superbowl with some friends, but that is about it for us.

One day I will not be obsessed with Annie Banannie's toes, but for now, I can't get enough of them. I find myself focusing on them all of the time when I take pictures of her. They make me smile.

I was so excited to get back outside today for pictures. You would think that I would know that the bokeh on our front porch was this gorgeous, but I didn't until early this evening.


The toes get the focus yet again.

And again. Try and tell me that these toes don't make you smile. I don't believe you if you say they don't.

Annie is obsessed with any animal. She shrieks with joy every time she sees one of our dogs, who have been on here a lot lately since many of you didn't even know they existed. They don't quite get the attention they used to with two little ones.



Lucy's lone dimple is one of my favorite things in the world. I love it. People comment on it all of the time. It is just that cute.



This is how I found Lucy when I went to peek at her during her nap. So sweet.

I used the word love about 4,000 times in this post. I must be in a very loving mood.


Jena said...

I was just about to go to bed, and I thought I would check my reader one last time before I hit the hay, and there was the picture post from Kelly.
Your girls are both so grown up and precious.
Have fun at the Tet celebration!
ps, I should sent you a pic of Lion-boys blanket, he was chewing on it the other day and I thought of you, there isn't too much left...good thing we have a spare!

Mom2J&I said...

Yes, I would be lying if I said those toes didn't make me smile!
They definitely deserve some focus (and some kisses)

Jess and Paul said...

I am so jealous of your outside pics...and you are right, the bokah on your porch is perfect!

jilljohnandhope said...

Love the toes. Love the dimple. Love the nap time pic with the book. I am trying to get back to he land of the living tonight and it was so fun to get caught up with all the pictures. Do I remember that Justin had his appendix removed not too long ago? Or am I taking too many happy pills?

Mom said...

Hey girls!!! My computering is hard these days here in Kansas, but I'll try to do better! The pics today are awesome. You already know how much I love both the monkey toes and the dimple! Am missing all my own girls. Much love and rest to you all, LeeLee

Kate said...

Oh those toes crack me up! Swing that girl from tree branches!

I've developed a huge passion for photography also and hope to start a business within the next year. You're right, so expensive, but so worth every penny capturing special moments in time. I'd take a photograph over video any day.

Enjoy your weekend!

Laurie said...

Those toes make me wanna hitch hike!! Love 'em.

Cinnamon said...

I love the light on the sixth picture so pretty. I love the sunshine too. It is so cloudy and snowy here, boo. I'm ready to move south. The pictures of your house are so cute. I like your decorating style a lot.

Beth said...

As always, the dimple is too cute. And I'm crazy about baby toes too. The name of my blog is 'Ten Tiny Toes'. :)

life with the wisners said...

well, oh my.

that's all i can come up with right now.

first. when can we play together? because i have a strange fascination with goo's toes too. (actually also big h's.) and i need YOU to photograph them.

thank you.

that picture of lucy in the sunlight. i think the second one?'ve SO got it.

i am so envious.

i, too, am in love with my camera. maybe they can have a playdate too.

it's late...i'm starting to not make sense. love this post so much.

JessT79 said...

I love Annie's toes, too! :-)

Beautiful pics.

Norah said...

My life was documented in photos by my dad. The only difference now is I can put all of mine online and on DVD' parents have a MILLION photo albums and slides in their closets : )

Nicki said...

Seriously those toe pics are my FAVORITE! I really love that first one best of all.

Also what are you going to do with all your pictures? I go back and forth in my head about this issue all the time. In other words, when your kids are adults, how will they be looking through pictures? My Mom has a big box of our childhood pictures and I never minded shuffling through that disorganized heap. But I don't know if I want to just make prints of my favs, throw 'em in the box, leave them as digital on CD/DVDs, make scrapbooks or more simple albums or WHAT?! If you haven't decided yet, do it now because having 14 years of photos to figure out is NO FUN! LOL

Trying Traditional said...

How on earth I missed that there is now another "If you give a..." book is beyond me! My older girls loved these books so much that I will now be forced to count the days until I can get to a bookstore and invest in yet another. Can it possibly top giving a pig a pancake?

PS I've always liked Lucy's adorable dimple

JinXiu said...

I love your pictures and editing. I remember a way back you posted about your editing and how you make such wonderful creations. could you please send me the link

thank you so much


sara said...

the dog made the photos!!! great them.

Beth said...

I just saw that you got 8th place on the I heart Faces page!! ongratulations!!

Christina said...

Oh yeah girl, I sure do feel ya on that thankful! I've had my baby/camera for just over a year, and it's a true love affair. I think I'd live on your front porch with that bokeh, too. Are you sure you want to move?

LOVE Annie's toes! LOVE Lucy's dimple! Also, I love the picture of Annie in the living room with the remote. Such a great "slice of life." :o)

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh! Yes, you just have to love the toes! And the leggings...oh how cute!

Anonymous said...

What's not to love?

About the pictures - one of the things I think is so great about taking so many pictures is that "back in the day," when we were kids, the camera only seemed to come out on special occasions but now, your children will have a glimpse into your everyday life with them. Though that may seem mundane and uneventful now, for them it will mean so much and you will treasure the memories of a random Tuesday more than a random birthday party.