Thursday, January 22, 2009


Annie 22/365

Lucy 22/365

Today I am thankful for warm, sunny days where you can play outside with your girls all day long. Just like we had today. It was a wonderful day. We had Lucy's playgroup this morning. It started when all of the babies were little and now they are big toddlers, several of whom are now big brothers or sisters. Playgroup is wild, but a lot of fun. They played outside all morning, ate a little lunch, and then came home for nap. Annie will have her own built in playgroup with all of the other new babies. After nap, we met Anna, Louis, and Mandy for ice cream and hit the park. It was so nice because sometimes Lucy clings to me, but not today. She played at the park so well. By the time we got home, it was time for dinner, bath, and bed - all of which happened with no fuss or stress. Today was a really great day.

Just so you can all see how much Annie has changed - she wore her G&R dress today so I thought I would post a then and now picture. The first picture is from her G&R in Vietnam. Just like now, she had just broken two teeth - her bottom two. She chewed her fingers all of the time then, just like she is doing right now - only it is her top two teeth that came through this time. I actually have a hard time looking at our pictures from Vietnam because it is all still so fresh in my mind and I can see the pain and sadness in her eyes, and I don't like that. I don't like what she went through and now I get almost angry. I just don't understand it. I never will. What I do understand is that I love this child so much. We are the lucky ones who get to kiss on her all day long and smile a million times over because of her.






Lucy Goose had ice cream all over her face, her hair, her shirt. She was in heaven. She ate mine and hers.








Mom said...

I can't say much right now, I'm having an emotional evening, and the sheer happiness that I see on the faces of these two angels is beyond words. God meant for you and Justin to have these little ones, and what a wonderful life you are giving them. I'm just so happy that I'm a part of their lives, too. We are all so much richer for all this. I love you. Mom

Now turn off your computer and get some much needed sleep.

Mom2J&I said...

Ok, your Mom just made my cry.

Who is Lucy's skirt by? Too adorable!

And Annie's eyes just make my heart melt. Love does wonderful things for all of us.
Priceless pic's of her today, btw.

Kelly said...

Her skirt is by Tea Collection - but it is from last fall's collection. It is actually a size 12 months and still fits her perfectly. It definitely fits her better this year than last, but I swear Lucy's waist is never going to change. If her legs would stop growing longer, I wouldn't have to buy her new clothes for years.

Emily said...

Your mom is so sweet. You are right, our moms would be buds.
Annie looks like a different child now. So much brighter. I know it is hard to look back at pictures. But my gosh look at her now! Such a happy, precious child. And building happy memories everyday.

Norah said...

What a difference! Linhsey had those same deep, soulful, sad eyes in VN. Lucy looks like she had the BEST day!

Sara said...

Beautiful day and beautiful girls! I am so jealous of your time outside! Have a good weekend!

Kate said...

Wow, Annie has changed so much! I love that your the type of mom that lets ice cream cover adorable clothes!!! :)

trekmom said...

I check your blog all the time, but rarely comment. Between working and having 4 small kids, I don't have much free time!! The pictures of Annie brought tears to my eyes. So much change in her in such a short time. They are both very cute girls. Enjoy them they grow up so fast!

Nicki said...

Aww man, your mom made me cry too!!

You can just see Annie come to life in those photos. Amazing!

Isn't this weather awesomeness? I can't get enough of it!

Christina said...

The change in Annie is incredible! Wow! We really are lucky to have such gorgeous weather lately, aren't we?!

And, your mom is awesome. :o)

stacy said...

Those before pics of Annie are just amazing - you are right, such an enormous difference. It makes me so sad that she was so sad and it was such hard time, but so happy that she's come so far in such a short time.

And I just have to say, totally jealous here of both your good weather and Annie's 4th tooth. Delaney is still working on that 4th one for crying out loud - I swear she'll be still getting the baby teeth in when she starts losing the early ones!

KrisJ said...

So so so cute! I am just so in awe in how much better sweet little Annie looks. You guys are amazing! They both look so happy and healthy Oh how sweet it is!

Bethany said...

The change in Annie is such a beautiful sight! She is full of the sweetest smiles! You are very blessed with both of your daughters.

Seashy said...

That picture of Annie at the GR makes me can see the sadness and stress even in her eyes! We are all SO lucky to have her added to your family! :) She's just a bundle of smiles now, and that's what's important.

Mom's post made me tear up as work.

And finally, all the pics in this post were AWESOME!! Lucy's skirt is PRECIOUS and so funny that it's a 12m. haha, love it!

love you and Justin, love the girls, love the dogs.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had warm sunny days waiting for us in MN on Monday. It has been so nice here in Hanoi. Although, I will take cold days in MN versus warm ones in Hanoi. Glad to see Annie is doing so well. Play group sounds fun!

MKH said...

It is wonderful and amazing to see the joy in Annie! And of course, little Lucy is a bright spot in every post! megan

life with the wisners said...


that's all i can say. pictures of annie, then and now. um, lucy? your mom? your love for your family?

all beautiful.

Carolyn said...

What an incredible change in a short time. What a strong strong girl!

LeighAnn said...

This is my first comment as well. Your story is a beautiful example of God's blessings and love. I wanted to ask about Annie's 2 dresses in this post. They are adorable and different and that's my addiction for my 9-month old dd. After 2 boys, I am a sucker for girl clothes. Thanks.

Dawn said...

How sweet your girls are! While it must be hard to look at Annie's pictures from then, just look at the tremendous difference you have made in her life already!! They are both so beautiful!!!