Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I have really been into black and whites lately, which is not my normal style. I think it is because everything outside is so ugly right now and that kind of hides it.

Lucy 7/365

Little Rock-0865

Definitely lost mother of the year today after Annie rolled off of this rock as she jerked to find a barking dog. No worries, no injuries, but still sad that it happened.
Annie 7/365

Little Rock-0861

Together 7/365

Little Rock-0858

PS - Dear Annie - If you decide to not wake up 10-12 times tonight, I will give you a really nice treat tomorrow. I am not sure what that treat is yet, but I promise, I will make it good. At this point, waking up just 5-6 times would be heavenly.

PPS - Dear Annie's Teeth - Please come in and then give my baby girl a break. I am not nearly as good of a mom as I would like to be when I am a zombie all of the time because of you. You teeth are starting to REALLY make me crazy and as we all know, it is not pretty when the momma is crazy.

Annie's Exhausted Mother


Mom2J&I said...

Oh, I don't miss those freakin' sleepless nights AT ALL.
Just keep repeating: One day, she will sleep. One day she will sleep. One day she will sleep.

Just keep that sense of humor going!
P.S. Adorable pic's of the girls!! Your b&w's are gorgeous btw

Meredith Woodruff said...

Hilarious! Cute, cute pics!!! I'm lovin the new resolution:)!

Kelli said...

Oooh- I am going to go tell Aiden if he sleeps through the night I will buy him a treat tomorrow. Teeth- ugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the one of Lucy pushing Annie in the stroller, so sweet! I hope Annie's teeth give you all a break tonight.

Jena said...

Oh, Girl, if I lived near ya, I would baby-sit so you could take a nap...
I hate how I am on no sleep!

Mama Bunny said...


Are you giving Annie Hylands Teething Tablets? If not, they work really well!


Anonymous said...

Dear World: It is so lucky that Kelly fessed up to the falling off the rock ordeal, or I , the LeeLee, would have called her on it!! PaPa babysat while we ran errands, and to entertain Annie he ended up putting her in the doll stroller. She loved it, as you can see! Fingers are crossed for a night of sleep. Love and kisses, Mom

Anonymous said...

I highly enjoy that the stroller idea was dad's. I would have pummled your *#&$@*&^%# if I had been there when Annie fell off the rock--YOU KNOW SHE LOVES DOGS!!! (kidding, kidding). Finally, you reprimanding Lee for not commenting was obviously really effective! See you tomorrow, evening. I'll probably be going out. ;)

Sarah said...

Oh Kelly, hoping and truly praying for your sake and Annie's that more sleep will come to both of you. That is soooooo hard. We went through it especially with Eastin. He is 2yrs 3 mo and it is still about twice a night.

I wish you lived close to me. So, you could take great pics of my kids!! I always love your pictures.

Sarah said...

Aw... I'm so sorry to hear that Annie's still waking up so much. I know that Mom is helping, but I really don't know how you do it! We have had our daughter for 10 days, and she's only woke up more than 5 times 2 nights, I think. The last two nights she's only woken up once for a bottle, so I'm counting my blessings. When Hannah was waking up so much, we slept in shifts and whoever was sleeping got to go "off duty" and sleep with foam earplugs. It made us feel badly that we didn't want to hear her cries... but it was necessary for SOMEONE to get some much needed sleep while the other parent is attending to the new baby.

Anonymous said...

So behind - but so LOVING the pictures! Todays were so cute and if you get a response from Annie or her teeth let me know - Little Man's teeth have been coming in for 3 months with no end in sight!

JiLL said...

i love the pic of Lucy pushing Annie in the stroller. How cute!
ps. i hope u catch up on your sleep.

Kate said...

Love the baby stroller photo. Hope you get some relief soon!

Time to rename your blog? Maybe that is why Annie is keeping you up at night? :)

Jenny said...

my girls woke up all the time remember. and they were growing and everything seemed fine, we thought teeth. it was gas due to the formula (lactose intolerance), so don't eliminate that idea. It was 10-16x a night up. It nearly killed us. And turned us away from adopting again.

good luck, I hope she sleeps soon!!!

I love your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Loving all of the smiles on Annie! Seems she is settling right in! Lucy is darling as ever. So fun seeing the two of them together, stroller playing! Hoping the sleep situation gets better fast! Hang in there!

Sharon said...

I can't wait for spring time pictures. Linhsey is getting a molar right now, and my gawd if that thing doesn't pop through today I am going to pull it through myself! I need my Linhsey back! I hope what I say next will not apply to you, but it's been 16 months of no sleep for us now..and our bodies adjusted to it. It still stinks, but not nearly as bad. It took almost that whole first year to adjust though. Hoping you will never know what it is like!

Christina said...

Your girls have the cutest clothes! I seriously love the hats and Lucy's jacket. I want to get some cute hats for pictures!

Here's hoping Annie's teeth pop out soon - like, NOW!

stollmyheart said...

Oh, the teeth! I feel your pain. Ella just the last of 8 (all coming in at the same time) and then we realized one "extra" popped up in the ROOF OF HER MOUTH (not that uncommon for cleft, but dang!). I sympathize...I really do!

Anonymous said...

UGH! Sending you sleepy prayers!!! These girls are darling but mama needs some rest to enjoy and care for them properly! I know too well that feeling!

So funny b/c I just posted a pic on my blog of Bella pushing her baby brother around in a stroller too. :) Crazy kids.