Saturday, January 31, 2009


Annie 31/365

Lucy 31/365

Today I am thankful for the fact that all day Lucy has done sweet things for Annie. She has brought her toys, rubbed her head, patted her back, and talked to her - all with no prompting from me. Each time she would do something for Annie, she would run over to me and say, "I be nice to Annie, Momma! I make Momma HAPPY!" She has no idea how happy it makes me to see them interacting with one another where they are both smiling and giggling. Annie loves Lucy. Every time Lucy comes near she gets so excited. It is really cute. Lucy has always been very tolerant and was kind from a distance to Annie, but she didn't really have much of a desire to interact with her. We have been making a lot of progress with that and it really showed today. And to just put the cherry on top, tonight when I asked Lucy if she wanted to kiss Annie goodnight, she said yes and put both of her hands on Annie's head and kissed her! She usually tells us no and just says a quick night night. It makes my heart swell to watch these two babies of ours. God, I can't thank you enough for these two girls.

I have one more BIG thing that I am extra thankful for tonight. On Friday we did a video conference with Cheryl, a pediatric Occupational Therapist that we met at our Tet party. She has very graciously agreed to give us some advice on ways to work with Annie on some of the things she is really behind in. She watched Annie on the video and showed me several different techniques to use with her. One of my biggest concerns for Annie is that she still will not put any weight on her arms when she is on her tummy. She keeps them really stiff or off the ground, but they don't support her at all. She uses her back, stomach, and neck muscles to keep her head off of the ground. It has to be tiring. She needs to put weight on her arms for obvious reasons. I would love to see her trying to crawl, but we have got to get her to start using her arms first. I worked with her tonight and just have to brag that she is at least trying. After a few minutes, she was done trying. She wouldn't keep her arms down, but this was our first go at it and I felt like it was successful. You can see her in her picture of the day. It is a weird picture because I was trying to prop the camera on something, get her in position, and push the shutter all at once. I am really proud of her.

Lucy is still in the best phase that she has ever been in, I think. She is great fun. So happy and loving. She has been coming up to me and just saying out of the blue that she loves me. She gives me big kisses and puts her hands on both of my cheeks when she does it. She snuggles tight when we read books at night. It is just the best and I wish she would stay like this forever. I always complain when she is in a bad phase, so I thought I should really brag on the good times. Despite all of this, she still didn't want her picture taken outside tonight!

Lucy has started something new each night. When I am home alone, Lucy gets to watch a show for 15 minutes while I put Annie to bed. The other night I came in to get her for our nighttime routine, and this is how I found her. She takes the cushion off the bench, gets her pillow just right, and covers herself with her "babies" as she calls her blankees. It cracks me up and is just so sweet to me.

This is really for my Mom. Remember when Lucy was just a baby and she played with that old belt of mine from when I was little? We brought it home so that she could play with it in the car. Well guess what? I can't find a belt for her anywhere and found this the other day while cleaning out the toys. It works perfect to keep her jeans up. Without a belt, these jeans fall right off of her. But not with her new Care Bears belt that her Momma used to sport. So glad you kept that Mom!

It is magnetic

This is Annie's normal stomach stance.

But we are working for this! Go Annie!

Dada - We know you had a crappy day today and just want you to know how much your three girls love you. Thanks for everything you do for us. We are so lucky.


Susan said...

This whole post was total sweetness. The Care Bears belt is just too much! Your mom is so cool to have kept something like that. I'm sure Annie will be caught up on everything before you know it. How wonderful to have met someone who is able to offer some help. You're a great mom, Kelly, and I'm so thankful to be able to call you my friend. Love to all from Petunia and me.

Anonymous said...

Loved the post! Our little gals are bonding and they are in for some great times together! I need a good together pic. I'm so glad your friend is giving developmental tips--that is so awesome. Maybe I can learn to help! The reception for Lonnie went well. Lots of former players were there, and the Kansas Hall of Fame. He was so pleased. And his girls pounded the other team. Then, followed by a guys win. Good evening. The Care Bear belt cracks me up because you are so styling. Can't believe you are even letting her wear it, but YEA! Love and kisses, LeeLee

Kelly said...

Don't worry Mom, her shirt was long enough that no one even saw the belt. You are right though, it doesn't really go with Lucy's style. However, vintage is always cool, so I think we are okay.

KrisJ said...

I had that SAME belt!! That is awesome, and GO Annie! I love how sweet Lucy is, what a great big sis!

life with the wisners said...

oh my goodness, where do i even begin?

first out of the gate...the belt? is so freaking rad, it makes me want to meet your mom and kiss her. and tell her 'thank you' for keeping something so fantastic. care bears magnetic belt...perfection.

annie? i am SO THRILLED for her. SO THRILLED for her. (yes, i meant to type that twice.)

and i am LOVING hearing how sweet lucy is being to her sister right now. isn't this age awesome? all their words and mannerisms.

and she is learning all of that sweet stuff from you and daddy.

so high five, mama. you're doing great.

Sharon said...

Go Annie! Love the belt..I have a few things like that from my childhood. So cute how Lucy takes that cushion and sets herself up just so!

Anonymous said...

i had a belt like that when i was little!!! i wish they still made them like that! so sweet that now lucy can wear it too!

and you're is vintage, and vintage it cool :)

Emily said...

that care bears belt is priceless!
that is great news that annie is making such progress. she will catch up before you know it. she will be crawling around and getting into all of your stuff before you know it:)
you are so blessed kelly.your girls are amazing.

fourever love said...

I bust out laughing when I saw that belt. I had the exact same one...EXACT! I bet I could find a picture of me in it. I also had every care bear and STILL have the hard cover books for each bear. You must be around my age, 30. I have to say Lucy rocks the belt, very cute! I am a dear friend of Angie's at Love is Spoken Here and I've been following your adoption stories. I'm glad to see how well things are going. Also, I love your decorating style. Love the bold colors splashes. You seem like a super cool girl and wonderful mom.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the care bear belt!!! So retro!! :)

And GO ANNIE! Addy did that exact same thing on her tummy. The thing that helped her a LOT was to have her sit up and put things just out of reach so she had to sort of tri-pod forward onto at least one arm (usually both - so I guess not a tripod?) to reach it. She put tons of weight on her arms that way. I don't think we really ever had much luck on her belly because she'd just roll to do what she wanted. Stinker! So Annie's one step ahead of where Addy was! YAY!

Cheryl said...

Ooooooo...she looks so awesome on those hands! Great job Annie & Kelly!

The Hines Family said...

I LOVE the Care Bear belt! Where can I find one?! :-)

This cracks me up because I just wrote on my blog that they are bringing back all of the old toys from the 80's. Care Bears is a perfect example! I should have kept all of my old toys and clothes! Molly would have all of the coolest toys and stylin' clothes! :-)

Annie's progress is exciting! Keep up the good work, Annie! :-)

Christina said...

such sweet sisters! It makes me smile that they are becoming little buds, with plenty of affection to go around. Looks like Annie is doing great learning to put weight on her arms! That's awesome.