Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Annie 27/365

Lucy 27/365

Today I am thankful for Lucy being in such an awesome mood the past several days. She has been so easy and fun. As I have said before, she has the tendency to be a bit moody from time to time. With the moodiness comes whining, fits, demands, and not listening to a word we say. Just typical 2 year old stuff. But when she is not in a funk, she is the most enjoyable little girl who makes us laugh all of the time and keeps us on our toes. I really don't think she has whined at all for several days, and if she has, it has been so little that I have no recollection of it. I took her out for a special Lucy/Momma outing while Daddy and Annie napped yesterday. We had so much fun. This morning we made blueberry muffins. She loves to help in the kitchen. Thanks for being so cool, Lucy Goose. We couldn't love you any more!

It is really cold here. We never got the ice storm that the news LOVED to pretend was going to be THE weather event of the year. It is just super cold. The dogs despise going outside. They freeze their mini paws off. I hate going out there to make sure they go to the bathroom. We have been camped out in the house all day long. Brrrrrrrrr!

Still crazy tired. Last night was rough, yet again. We have tried everything. I am at a loss of what to do. I guess she will sleep at night when she is ready. How about now, baby girl?? I must say, she has been napping better, which is a nice treat. I am sure she is exhausted as well from being up and down all night long. I am really going to try and stop dwelling on the sleep issues, it is just really affecting me because it has been so bad lately. Starting at about 5:30 I feel like I am about to pass out. Even if I tried to go to bed right now, it wouldn't matter because she is up and down all night now. It starts very quickly after she goes to bed. She does still go down easily, which is a plus.

Quick question on eating. She is still having issues with food. I am about to get some help tips from an OT that was at our Tet party and I am really excited about that. Really excited. She will eat her baby food out of a bottle with a little water added. It is not that she doesn't like the food, she is just freaked out by a spoon in her mouth. Does anyone else's child do this??




Food or no food, that gut is still kicking!




She would prefer the batter over the muffins, but she did eat two muffins today.

I got asked about the color blocked wall in our kitchen the other day and here is what it looks like. The back wall of our kitchen is painted in the blocks and then the rest of the walls are one of the light, bright greens. We had painters do it. They knocked it out quickly. It would have taken us a zillion years. We picked 6 shades of green and just randomly placed them. There is not a pattern. We have loved this wall, so if you are thinking of doing something similar in a nursery, I say go for it. You will love it.


Anonymous said...

Pictures--great! Making muffins, such fun! Looks like the bath was a big success, also. Notice the monkey toes ready for action!!! From your lips to God's ears on the SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP!!! No ice yet, thanks goodness, but is raining really pretty hard. Katy still has no power. Hope they keep warm. Mamie is here trying to help me figure out the words. Brain dead today. Muchos love, LeeLee

I'm thinking sleep, beautiful sleep, sleep.................

Shawna said...
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Anonymous said...

I heart the shots of Annie in the tub...especially the BW with her sweet little smile!

Cold? You should have seen my smile when I read that. Oh Kelly, we'd be in shorts if we were in TX right now. Funny about the dogs not wanting to go out. Dudley is the same way. But it IS -10 here tonight...

Susan said...

So cool to read what you wrote about Lucy. It's much the same way with Petunia. She's so moody at times, but then the sweet days... ahhh, nothing like 'em!

I'm praying that you and Annie sleep a very sweet sleep tonight. I know it's hard to hang in there, but you can do it. I promise!

Anonymous said...

As always, great pics, but I'm really loving those ones of Annie in the tub and in her diaper. She is THRIVING since she came to you, clearly! So fun with Lucy and the baking!

I am SO WITH YOU on the sleep stuff. Delaney was up from 2:30-5:15 this morning, some nights we do well and some are like that and it's just so exhausting. I'm not sure how much of it with us is teething and/or growth spurt, but goodness knows I can commisserate with your exhaustion and frustration. If you are ever in need of some middle-of-the-night support just email me - chances are (unfortunately) decent that I'll be up too. I hope she falls into a smooth, sleep-filled pattern soon!

And yeah, about that cold... just teasing, that's how us freezing Midwesterners get through this garbage...

Kristi said...

If you ever want to talk about feeding stuff just e-mail me. I, for better or worse, have lots of experience in this area!

And can I just tell you how much I adore Lucy's dimple!

Anonymous said...

Isn't cooking with kids so fun?! Jack is our little kitchen helper these days and we make quite a mess in there together!
That room with the color blocks is beautiful. Your house just looks so clean and so gorgeous all the time. Damn you;)
No help on the feeding stuff here; we have had lots and lots of experience with sleep issues (though you're getting your own crash course and will be an expert on surviving on less than 4hrs a night when Annie's done with you!), but thankfully not the eating issues (yet anyway).

Thinking happy, sleepy thoughts for you guys...and myself too. Let's hope tonight's a good one!

Anonymous said...

sweeties! We made banana muffins yesterday, so much fun. Love the pics and your kitchen wall!!

Sunny Side Farm said...

When we were having eating issues, I tried feeding my little one using my finger as a spoon. He was more open to having the tip of my finger in his mouth than the spoon. I let him hold the spoon while I used my finger and eventually he let me try the spoon, too. If she doesn't want to hold the spoon, I would at least leave it on her tray while using your finger to let her get used to seeing it and realizing that spoons are part of eating. Don't know if this will work for you, good luck!

Anonymous said...

I really REALLY feel your pain on the sleep issue. You are right, she will sleep when she's ready but meanwhile you have my most heart-felt sympathy because I've been there for most of the last 14 years and it is one of the main things I consider when deciding whether to expand our family. It is just soooo hard. but it does pass.

Love those monkey toes!

Anonymous said...

No real help on the sleeping or the feeding. Annie looks so cute and I love her chubby tummy and legs. It looks like she is getting good amounts of food. Have you thought about one of those mesh things for the baby food. Not sure what it is called, but it kind of looks like a strawberry. That would help with the spoon issue. Also, what about putting very small dices of food on her high chair tray and seeing if she will put the food in her own mouth. The baby food companies have diced veggies and fruits that might work. My girls also loved those little baby food meat sticks (they come in turkey, chicken and meat (ugh). In fact my now 5.5 year old would still eat them if I kept them in the house. Annie might be able to gum one of those. Not sure if any of those would work, just a suggestion.

Kelli said...

Try a little silver spoon to feed her with. My best friend's little one had an issue with spoons too, and someone told her to try a silver one...low and behold it worked!! So weird, I know.

Kate said...

Cold? Girl...that's not cold! :)

A friend of mine had the same eating issue with her boy from Guatemala. They used a syringe (medicine dropper) and he ate like a champ. Now that he's older he loves to feed himself. From the look of her belly, I'd say Miss Annie isn't straving by any means! :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally loving the pictures (I know I say that everytime but your girls are so cute!) and that wall in your kitchen is very cool as well - and I agree with all the cold comments while I think Jess is the winner I can say that is not cold here.

Cearley said...

Hey, with baby food issues, my mother in law bought bottles for Claire specifically for baby food, to help with the transition from bottle to spoon. I never had to use them, but when i get home i'll send you the name. Let me know if you have problems finding the bottles, and i'll send you the ones i have.
Good Luck!

MKH said...

LOVE the pics! that one of Annie sitting in her diaper on the floor is just precious! So happy your little Lucy has been your little sidekick in the kitchen! Those are the best of times! Not sure on the sleep or eating-if I could get my new little one to eat something other than mac & cheese & crackers, I would be greatful!! I've always heard the saying "the more they sleep, the more they sleep"! which sounds completely backwards-but maybe as the day naps get better like you were saying, she will be able to sleep longer stretches at night. well, I guess this is not a tip, just some friendly encouragement! You sound like you are doing the most amazing job on such little sleep. You give me encouragement too-so thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly--i have followed your blog forever. We have a daughter we adopted the same time as Lucy.
your girls are beautiful! I am also an OT (now a SAHM)so i will be glad to help in any way. Have you tried starting with finger foods or chew/mouthing toys? Sometimes vibrating toothbrushes just for play can help as well. I bet Lucy would be great to help encourage/model for Annie.

As for sleep, i debated whether or not to comment b/c i don't want to discourage you! We brought our daughter home Mar. 2007 and we still struggle with good continuous sleep. She goes to sleep easily but wakes every 45-60 minutes and must be held to sleep. Needless to say i love my baby carriers! We are next going to pursue a sleep study--i'll keep you posted if i learn any good tips! I think Kai and Annie could have had similar orphanage experiences. Thanks for letting us follow your blog!

Tara C
Mom to 2 wild boys & 1 sassy princess

Proud Mama and Papa said...

Thanks for the color block picture - we love it. I think picking a few shades of one color is great. My husband and I were thinking a versaille (sp) pattern for the blocks would be cool too. Thanks again - gorgeous pics. Our almost 2 year old, Bella, loves batter - cake batter, cookie batter, you name it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanh was older (16 months) but she hadn't been exposed to solids so she had some eating issues that resolved themselves. She had/has the sleep issues too. Since their ages are different, I don't have any advice, but I do send my support via the internet!

Erica said...

My little man had never had a spoon in his mouth when I picked him up. When I would feed him cereal he would clamp his jaws down on the spoon and not give it up. Since we've been home I've switched to a smaller, harder spoon (not as fun to clamp down on) and I let him either bang or chew his wider, soft spoon.
I know the orphanage had not introduced a spoon to him prior.

Good luck on the sleep issues. My little guy occasionally wakes up and needs help, but he is a light sleeper and yelps a lot. He sleeps through it, but I don't.