Friday, January 16, 2009


I am sad because Lucy is definitely getting sick. I am praying it is just a cold, but the coughing started last night and I am so freaked out that she will get sick like she was right before Christmas again. She looks pitiful - watery eyes, face covered in snot, etc. Just plain raggedy. And the whining has started. She is really not a very good patient. An extreme level of neediness takes over her and she requires so much attention. It is not easy now that Annie is here. Hopefully she will get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling a little better tomorrow. I HATE SCHOOL GERMS! I just hate how often she has been sick since starting. I know it is part of it, but man, this sucks.

Justin and I got so much done today. We got Lucy's room all in order. It looks a million bajillion times better than it did. I am posting some pictures, but they are really just so my mom can see how much we got done. She knows how extreme of a difference this is. I wish it was decorated all pretty and girly for her, but there is just no point now. I will get her next room fixed up all fancy. We also cleared out a lot of toys that never get touched in Annie's room. We also cleaned out the girls' bathroom. It is amazing how quickly you can destroy a room by just throwing something quickly on the shelf and thinking that you will fix it later. It feels so good to get our house in order again. I HATE mess and clutter, so this feels awesome. We are going to get our room all perfect next week. I will probably do some small things this weekend.

Annie's teeth are still killing her. I hate it for her. She absolutely refuses to put anything in her mouth other than her finger, so she won't teethe on any teething toys. I know it would feel great, but she just flat out will not put a thing in her mouth. She is highly opposed to not only toys in her mouth, but food as well for the most part. She toys with the idea of baby food every now and then, but it is still a constant battle. Her doctor says it is all part of her developmental delays and to just take it slowly and keep offering. He said it could easily take her 2-4 months to adjust to using her mouth for eating (other than sucking a bottle, which she is a pro at). If I put a Cheerio in her mouth, you would think I just put rat poison in there. Seriously, she shutters and squirms and cries until she gets it out. So it is not just baby food, it is food in general. She is making such huge improvements, but in so many ways she is still like a newborn baby. Slow and steady, we will get there.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Annie 16/365



My sleeping sickling. She insisted wearing that barrette for nap.
Lucy 16/365

When you clean out the toy bins, you find stuff like this.




I stood her up, but this makes me so proud of her.

A cleaned up Lucy's room




Jenny said...

the sick, let me say that the girls were sick from feb-may last year and basically oct-nov last year as well (07-08) and now have only been sick 2x this year in school. They got the germs from musik class, but it is soo worth it just getting it over with early. Next year you won't have nearly as many issues!!!

love annie standing, awesome!!!

Kelli said...

Yuck- I am sorry Lucy is starting to feel sick again. I am getting a taste of that between teething and 4 vaccinations.

Aiden was the same way with food. After about 2 1/2 weeks of offering lots of different things (I know you have been trying longer), something just clicked and he ate almost a whole jar of food and some puffs yesterday. Annie's day will come! Look at her standing- so big!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, I'm in total shock. Great job on the girls' rooms! They look great!!!! And I bet that Lucy loves having her new play space. Give her a big hug and kiss from me, Annie, too, and I'll have them in my prayers for healing and sleep. I need to see a picture of the wall behind the bed--you know, what kind of art work is there. Hope you have a great night of sleep, yourself, pumpkin! Talk to you later. Love and kisses, LeeLee

life with the wisners said...

totally praying for both of your punkins tonight. for those darn teeth to come in already. or at least she finds relief in something. and for lucy...well, bless her heart.

great to meet you last night. hope the instructor kicks your tail next time. you, with your big happy smile the whole time. :)

love to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

PS You better not have thrown those bunny ears away. Easter is just around the corner! LeeLee

Anonymous said...

The sick spells happen whether you put 'em in school or not. Noah (who is the WORST patient, sounds SO similar to Lucy in the neediness department) was the absolute worst at her age. He was seriously sick almost constantly the whole year. He wasn't in classes, school, playgroups, nothing. But after that? It was smooth sailing. Hopefully you all survive sane - spring is almost here and that will help a TON.

Look at that big girl standing like she's been doing it all along! So crazy, huh? Great job on the rooms! I need to sweep through Addy's and purge.

mellow & yellow said...

Your place looks aweome. I love want you did will the latterns. I have a similar style ceiling line in my guest room. Saty posted

Amy said...

Sorry Lucy is feeling so yucky. We've had the yuckies around here too! We finally have gotten everyone well (I think!). We are in the same cleaning organizing mode around here as well. Abrahm just returned this week from Afghanistan and now we've got to be ready to move in 6 months. Not sure where, but we've got lots to do before then! Everything looks great. I love the paper lanterns over Annie's crib. I pray everyone at your house gets some good rest.

KrisJ said...

Well as you saw my little is sick too.. its just not fun at all! So sad for them. Hope Lucy feels better quick! And good job on the clean up!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I'm sorry Kell. That's just misery. And I am HORRIBLE when it comes to having patience for whining. I just can't do it. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard.
I hope this bugs passes quickly. And Annie's room is just AWESOME!! I LOVE it.

Christina said...

Poor Lucy, sick again! She's had a rough time of it lately. Let me know how she's doing and if we should reschedule for Monday!!

Great job on all the cleaning/organizing you guys have been doing! Annie's room is totally AMAZING! I love the chinese lanterns. She never fails to make me smile, too.