Friday, January 23, 2009


Lucy 23/365

Annie 23/365

Today I am thankful for my bedtime ritual with Lucy. She loves her bedtime routine. We do bath, brush teeth, pick out our books for the night, read, pray, sing songs, kiss, and say I Love You. Her favorite books are Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, 5 Silly Monkeys, and a few others. She ALWAYS wants to sing E-I-E-I-O, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, and Silent Night. We always thank God for our entire family - she names everyone. Bedtime was so stressful with Lucy for a really long time. Now, it is so nice and peaceful and enjoyable.

Not much to say tonight. Annie and I had a long night together last night. Hopefully that is out of her system for tonight. Night, night. I hope you all have a marvelous weekend.



The monkey toes. Mom - this is for you. :)
Monkey Toes

I love that she is getting to wear these tiny dresses since the weather is so nice. Cute, cute, cute.


Every girl's worst nightmare.





Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Sounds like today was good. Thank you for my monkey toes! Both girls look like they had an amazingly fun day! Yea! The worst nightmare pic is hilarious! One day in the mall, Paula, Myra and I were all walking when Paula saw a lady with almost the same problem. Only her skirt was riding up in the front because she was a little "heavy set" and her thighs were rubbing, causing the skirt to be up where no skirt should ever go in the front. Paula shouts, "Don't look" while she tries to tell us, but of course Myra and I immediately looked. We couldn't help it. We 3 laughed so hard that we cried, almost wet our pants, and had to leave. The security guard saw the whole thing, and when we left the mall, we passed him again, to which he said something to us about hearing us howl the whole way thru the mall and sorry that we were having such a sad day. Just passing this on so that you know us old folks have gut laughing days, too! I look forward so much to seeing the pics of the girls each day. Need Holly to do the same so I could be watching the boys. Hint, Holly??? I don't want on face book. Too much work, and Katy said that if I got on she would have to get off and that the world might come to an end. So, there you have it. Kiss the girls. Love to you and Justin, LeeLee

Geneva said...

Love the pictures. Pinkalicious is a big favorite around here too, such a cute book. Marli and I even made a whole batch of pink cupcakes just like the book, she loved it. Annie and Lucy both look adorable as always.

Sarah said...

Your girls are so precious! I love how you can find something thankful about each day... what a wonderful way to blog in 2009! The monkey toes and the peeking diaper are too funny!

We love our nighttime ritual with books and snuggles too. What a fun age!

Anonymous said...

If you give a mouse a cookie is becoming a huge favorite in our house :)

Beautiful pics. Have a good weekend, too! Happy Lunar New Year!

Sharon said...

You cracked me up with the Every girls worst nightmare!!!! I love the pictures... they are really taking us into the lives of Lucy and Annie.

Anonymous said...

Rituals are a nice way to end the day.

Kate said...

I CRACKED UP!!!!! at the diaper pic!

Anonymous said...

You just made me laugh out loud with the "every girls' worst nightmare!" I LOVE Annie in all the B&W's you post. Those are my favorites every time. Hmmm, Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious? Those are 2 books we actually DON'T own. Jack's not exactly pink or fancy, but I'm intrigued anyway...

JinXiu said...

Sorry I havent responded more frequently
i have been keeping up with your post, but once i start typing emilees has to chime in and type also. it makes for an interesting letter
I love all the pictures, Your children are beautiful.
Have a happy lunar new year