Monday, January 05, 2009

Dinnertime 5/365

A few shots from dinner - we had breakfast for dinner and Lucy was covered in syrup. Check out how Annie is standing up so well! I am so proud of her. Also, I never got around to posting the last shots from one night when John's dad, Adam, was flipping John and Lucy in the bed. It was hysterical and they both loved it so much. Lucy would stay crouched down in the ready position until it was her turn again. And just as a side note, Lucy and John ended up really getting along so well this time. We all said they had a major breakthrough this trip.

I did get the Nikon SB600 flash with some of my winnings from the Indian casino while we were in Oklahoma. I am the luckiest gambler ever. I told Justin maybe we should move to Vegas and I will be a professional gambler. I honestly win every time. Anyway, I really like the flash, especially since my parent's house does not have great natural light but does have great white ceilings to bounce the flash off of. I have wanted an external flash for quite some time since my camera gets really, really noisy at an ISO of any higher than 400 - which drives me absolutely insane. I HATE this about my camera. And since I get asked a lot, I currently use a Nikon D200, but would like to gamble some more to make enough for a D700. :)

Annie 5/365

So Big

Little Rock-0815

Lucy 5/365

Little Rock-0820

Little Rock-0827

Together 5/365

Little Rock-0822







I LOVE this one.


Emily said...

so proud of annie! what a strong girl!

yay abt the flash..i know you have been wanting it! i thought that last batch had been taken with a flash. amazing how good they look when you bounce it. it really can be a lifesaver.

you are a rockstar for taking a pic everyday. your girls will love you for it one day.

Anonymous said...

Dang girl, how much did you win?!?!? Isn't the flash awesome? It's so freeing to feel uninhibited by the environs!! But I'm going to count down the days until you are ready to upgrade because for me, it was like 5 days! LOL It is slllooooow!

Beth said...

Love the pictures of the kids getting tossed around on the bed. My daughter loves that too, and we love to hear those giggles!!

Ashley said...

I love your New Year's resolution! I really enjoy following your blog and seeing your wonderful pictures of you beautiful girls. I also have to say I am so impressed that you are doing this. I brought my 1st child home from Vietnam in Oct. and I have done such a bad job of taking pictures of everything, I can't imagine trying to do it with 2.

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos! Geez Kelly you are just a natural with the camera, I love your photos.

I know you've listed these before but I can't find them, so IF you get the time (big IF I know), would you mind posting the photography tip blogs that you visit.

The Condreys said...

cute cute pics! and so awesome about annie standing! did your mom redo her kitchen? it looks great. i'll come see you guys soon!

Anonymous said...

You can tell Annie is so proud of herself and her standing - so cute! And gosh, it's too bad the kids didn't have any fun being thrown around on the bed - they clearly look so sad and bored by it. Ha - those action shots are hilarious!

mimi lam said...

Happy New Year, your home is full of love, happiness, laughter from your lovely girls, I love Annie 's pictures, she is certainly a happiest baby on earth, and the pictures of two loving sisters are so touching. Amazing photography talent that you have, and I enjoy seeing them everytime.

Jenny said...

flash...that is what I need next. I am taking pictures everyday, inspired by you. Flash, I will need prior to ireland.

already lusting after a new camera, didn't you just get this one a few months ago?

my new camera has very low noise, which I LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I think I should go to Vegas with you so I could win enough to buy a flash - or you know, anything to go with my D40. :-)
I LOVE those pictures of the kids in mid-air! Very cool.

Unknown said...

Great pictures! Those in the bed are adorable.

Christina said...

Dinnertime looks like great fun at your place! So does the flipping on the bed. I really love the pics of Annie standing. her dimples are too much. Awesome you got a flash! Wanna go gambling sometime?!

Kate said...

Let's hit Vegas and we can both try to win enough for a D3! Love Annie's first photo. Happy Girl!

MKH said...

such cute pics! megan