Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Lucy 21/365

Annie 21/365

Today I am thankful for big, huge laughs with your best friends. I have really funny friends. They are always cracking me up. Life would be so boring without funny friends. Anyway, this morning I went to breakfast and the Asian market with Mandy, who thought you all should know that she is also helping plan the Tet party we are having since I didn't mention her yesterday. I had a story to tell her that I knew she would just die laughing over with me. In fact, I couldn't wait to tell her. I started the story in the car when we were almost to the greatest breakfast diner around here. I had to pause while we ordered but we had already both started laughing and I was no where near the good part. So, we sat down in our bench and I finished the story. When I was done, I was gasping for air and tears were streaming down my face and so was Mandy. I love a story like there where you both just get it and you know how funny life can be. And since I know you will all want to know, the story was about Justin and what he is like when the baby wakes him up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night. He is great and very helpful with night duty, but man, it is funny to watch him because he is just so dazed and confused for several minutes while he tries to wake up. Formula ends up everywhere, water is spilled, he is stumbling around, etc. Don't worry, Justin and I have both laughed about it multiple times today. He knows it is funny, too. I love a laugh like that. You know your morning is going well when your cheeks hurt from smiling so big.

We had gorgeous weather here today - 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, PERFECTION! Tomorrow is supposed to be up to 77 degrees and then cold again later in the weekend. I love living in the south because you get these perfect weather days thrown in to break up the misery of the cold. And no, I don't know cold at all like most of you do. I think I am going to freeze to death at 40 degrees. It just doesn't get that cold here. Those of you who are in the places where it is below zero, I have no idea how you do it. Getting back on track here. We took the girls to the park today. It was Annie's first time ever to the park and the first time she has really gotten to explore things like rocks and sticks. She was fascinated. She examined every single rock she could get her hands on. It was really sweet to watch her check everything out and be so excited about it all. It felt so good to be outside - and warm while out there. Since we have been home with Annie, we were nailed by jet lag, major sickness, holidays, cold weather, and sickness again. We have spent almost no time outside and I HATE that. I love to be out and about and busy. I like to take the girls to fun places outside and we just haven't been able to do that in months. So, it was great to be outside again and we will be spending a lot of time outside tomorrow as well.

An Afternoon of Discovery






Anonymous said...

i love those laughs/friends too. it's the best! pics are awesome, as always. your party is going to be fantastic, cannot wait for pics!

Anonymous said...

Kelly--thanks heavens. I have been sitting here waiting for the new pics, and they didn't disappoint! So glad that you all had a great day. Ours was lovely, just not that warm. Tomorrow is to be good, then change again. So, there you have it. Annie looks like she is in heaven exploring the rocks! And, of course the Goose is climbing and having the best time ever! I'm so happy the top teeth came in. Good job on getting a pic. And Justin, I feel your pain! Every time I do something silly/crazy/wacko--I have to hear about it for about the next 6 weeks. Literally. Kelly thinks she is so funny, and really cracks herself up making fun of me. I have two besties that we can laugh till we cry too--ain't nothing better!!!! Kiss those girls for me. Love and kisses, LeeLee

Anonymous said...

Could the sky be any bluer???? Gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Warty is always good for a good laugh. Maybe one day's post should be devoted to how much joy he has brought to your life.

Just a thought.

KrisJ said...

We have had great weather here too so Malia has finally met the park! I love love how crisp your photos always are! And I sooo get the good friend and laughing thing.. gotta have good friends!

Anonymous said...

You deserved a wonderful day!

Emily said...

i love, love a good laugh too. laughing makes life worth living.

just look at annie and those rocks. she is a mini dora the explorer!

Dawn said...

SOOOOOOO jealous of your warm weather!! I am one of those people suffering through sub-zero temps in the north...actually getting excited for temps on the 30's on Friday!!! Counting the days till we move south!

Anonymous said...

Glad the kiddos are feeling better and that you were able to laugh yourself silly! I am envious of Lucy in that last picture - looking into and enjoying the sun. It's going to be 44 degrees here today. Heat Wave!

Kristi said...

70 degrees . . . oh am I jealous. We've had weeks of sub-zero temperatures. It was actually -35 with the windchill a week ago. And yes, that is totally miserable.

I will tell you that 40 degrees here is lovely. We don't even wear a real coat until it's in the 30s but boy do I wish Spring were a bit closer.

Brenda said...

Kelly. Kelly. Kelly. It is 25 degrees here today. Do you even want to hear about our MINUS 25 degree with MINUS 50 degree weather we just got over?!! Love the pictures!

MKH said...

I agree, nothing like a great laugh-it's the best! Really great pics of the kids-crystal clear! I'm striving for my photos to look as wonderful as yours! Looked like a fun day! megan

life with the wisners said...

seriously? you call lucy goose? um, yeah, because that's what big h calls goo.


dude, your images rock the house. love them.

and annie in those rocks? um, so insanely cute.

Anonymous said...

Wow your pictures are AMAZING! The sharpness... and considering your subjects are probably always in motion. Beautiful - the subjects and the pictures. May I ask what camera and what photo editing software you use!?

a friend of a friend of another blogger.