Sunday, January 18, 2009


My family has been overtaken with the cold sickies. Poor Annie has more snot than I have ever seen on a person. Ever. Lucy is actually feeling better today, so hopefully Annie will be tomorrow as well. I am getting it as well. :(

I am adding something new to my daily posts. I have been inspired by the attitude and spirit of Janet at Life with the Wisners. I recently got to meet Janet. She is such a sweet person and her blog is really fun and it really made me think about a few things that I could do in my life to make it a little better each day. I will post at least one thing a day that I am thankful for because God gives us so much to be thankful for and I have been caught up in worries/stress lately and not focused on the positive. I have an insane amount of things to be thankful for, so it is time to start thanking God everyday for these things that are often overlooked. So, today I am thankful that other than a little cold, my family is in wonderful health. People take their health for granted all of the time until something goes wrong. I complain when we have a common cold, but there are so many out there suffering from real health issues. Thank you God, for the health of my family. I count yesterday as my first post because I wrote about how thankful I am for my wonderful husband.

Thanks for all the well wishes on sleep, our anniversary, and getting well. We truly appreciate them.

Hide and seek with the Goose
Lucy 18/365


Feeling much better. Lucy and I actually got dressed today!

My little sickie. She laid in my lap today for such a long time. If you had any idea how big of a wiggle worm this girl is, you would know that she must not be feeling great. She really is in such great spirits still.
Annie 18/365

Poor sick baby girl

Her lips and cheeks are badly chapped and her nose is already raw. Poor baby.
Sickies around here

And finally, Lucy telling me that Annie is stinky.


Anonymous said...

OK, so Lucy is looking way too grown up! And our poor little Annie looks pitiful! We are so thankful that Lucy is feeling better, fingers crossed that this comes very soon for Annie. And you and Justin stay rested, because we can't have the Mommy and Daddy sick! I so agree with the staying positive--we have soooooo much to be thankful for! Enjoy the cuddle time. Love and kisses, LeeLee

life with the wisners said...

well, here here new friend.

should i try it? posting a picture a day AND something to be thankful?

who knew? you just encouraged me! fire up for 2009.

i have mentioned how gorgeous your girls are, haven't i?

LawMommy said...

Happy Anniversary!

I think I am a little bit in love with your orange chair.

Feel free to worry over Annie's sleep issues outloud as much as you need. Believe me, I know it is hard to feel joyful or thankful when you are so tired you cannot see straight. Sleep issues are hard, really, really hard. I am sending great waves of empathy in your direction.

(As always, the girls are looking gorgeous, even when they aren't feeling great.)

MKH said...

I hope you all feel better soon! cute pics. megan!

Preston Party of 3 said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Jenna's and love your blog! Where did you get the adorable black and white dress that Lucy is wearing? I love it!

Sharon said...

Glad the cold is a short one. Hope things are back to normal soon!

Anonymous said...

Will you talk about how thankful you are for me one day?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :) :) :) :)
Hope everyone gets back to 100% very soon!

Kelly said...

Emily - the dress is from The Gap. It was from the Mod Collection (I think that was the name) that came out in late fall. It is really cute.

Christina said...

Oh, it's so sad to see Annie not grinning from ear to ear!!!

You have got the coolest house ever. Seriously, I love every bit of it that I've seen. The orange chair rocks!