Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today I am thankful for getting to see the girls on the computer tonight. I am really missing them now. I am here all day tomorrow as well and get home late tomorrow night. I just want to squeeze them so badly! They were so cute on the computer and seemed really happy to see me. Lucy said the funniest thing tonight while we were on the computer. Her and Annie were jumping on the blow up mattress and Lucy's Bible was on the bed. All of the sudden, we heard Lucy scream, "EWWWWW!! Annie is drooling on the Bible!!" It was just so random and so funny. Lucy does not like the drool to touch her or her things.

I learned SO much today. I hope that I can really remember it all with my notes because it was awesome!! We worked on Photoshop all day today and then finished the day discussing the business side of things. I could have sat in the classroom and learned about this stuff for so much longer. It was just fascinating and reiterates how there is always so much to learn.

Tomorrow was an optional day if you wanted to attend and it is focusing on the Seniors market, which is something that I definitely hope to get into. I am very excited about it as well.

I will probably just have to wake my babies up when I get home because I don't think I will be able to stop myself. One more night!

I am adding a few shots that I got the chance to edit tonight from our shoot with models yesterday. They aren't professional models, they are clients, but you would have thought that they were professionals. And are their clothes not amazing??? Clothes make such a huge difference and the styling done here is just spectacular. So inspiring to me. Thoughts on the editing?? I used all new techniques and I am loving it.


There were 21 photographers shooting these kids. They were SUCH good sports. This precious little one seriously giggled the entire time. So sweet.




Anonymous said...

we miss ya hunny...

love ya


Christy Henry said...

glad you are having so much fun! i know you miss the girls tons. i giggled out loud about lucy and the Bible drool. :)


Christy Henry said...

oh! your model pics look amazing...can't wait to see your new tricks with your fave models.

Anonymous said...

amazing photos and post processing! would you like to share what workshop you are attending?

Erica said...

I like the photos. There seems to be more contrast than what you usually use and I think it really works.

Enjoy your last day--I know I would wake up my baby if I had gone 3 days without!

Sharon said...

Love the little girl on the bench and then where she is sitting again. Those boots rock!

My Sweet E's said...

I'm not a usual commenter, but I have been a follower of yours for just over a year. I love your work and think you do an amazing job! If you are ever in Northern Florida I would seriosly love to have a session! I love the last picture - the color look great! If you don't mind sharing, what workshop did you attend?

Keep up the great work!

Lane Olson said...

so fun! can't wait for you to test your new skills on samuel. be glad you missed his party...major stomach bugs here.

Kate said...

Lovin' your new skillz! PP is amazing. Glad you're learning so much..but oh-so-jealous at the same time! =)

Ronja said...

I love the pictures, especially the very last one! Enjoy the last day, and then give your girls an extra hug!


Erin said...

Those pics are so good! You are really a great photographer.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the look of these, wow! And I was impressed with your processing before...these are awesome.

Mom said...

OK, is Monday night, and is all quiet. Both girls are READY to see their Momma, but have been little angels. I'm with Lucy, I have tried to stay on top of the drool, but, oh, it's an endless job. Come on Annie, help us out! Dad has sent 3 pics of the stadium. I think he is in football heaven. In case you'd like to know, Lucy told me tonight that she wants to be a flamingo (again) for Halloween. She said that when you were all home from your trip that you could look for it! She said she knew it was here somewhere, probably in a closet. Then proceeded to tell me how much fun it is to get candy when you trick or treat. This all came about because her 2nd book, after 3 chapters in her Bible, was a Halloween book. Have so loved our conversations! Safe travels. Hugs and kisses to all, LeeLee

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