Saturday, September 19, 2009


Annie 262/365

Lucy 262/365

Today I am thankful for Razorback football!! Wooooo pig sooooieeee! I love college football. My Razorbacks are looking really good even though we have lost the lead. They are kind of unraveling, but I am staying positive and I just know we are going to beat Georgia!!

They got the pumpkins out at the Arboretum today! That is one of my favorite things ever. I love the pumpkins!! I had a session this afternoon and the girls went with me and played with Christy and Ava while I worked for a bit. Then we took the girls over to see the pumpkins. It is really humid here because of all of the rain and Annie looked like she had been in the shower her head was so wet from sweating. This was her first time at the Arboretum since she can walk and let me tell you, she did some major walking and it wore her out!

I am off to work on some pics for a sneak peek.


A little glimpse of how much this girl sweats! Yikes. That is not going to be pretty when she gets older! :)


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me I beat Lee Lee (why does that seems like an accomplishment to all of us?:)
I have to tell you and this may sound crazy, Binh sweated like Annie the first year he was home. This year, though, not so much. It's really odd, but now he just sweats most like the rest of us.

Mom said...

HOORAY FOR PUMPKIN TIME!!!!! I love me some pumpkins, too! I'm having to take a little break from the ballgame because it makes me a nervous wreck. I put together a little white table for between the twin beds in the playroom. Getting to be quite a little handy woman! ha ha ha Rained off and on all day, mist, etc. Am so READY for some sunshine! Glad the shoot went well. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

I have some FAST blog commentors, so I am going to have to improve my game!

Sharon said...

Aven is the same way with sweating! I swear, I have no idea how that little girl could have made it in Viet Nam! Our summers here are similar and she can hardly stand them and is exhausted by the heat!

Great photos as always . .. I'm trying to "delurk" on my blog reading and get back to trying to stay connected after a year of being out of the loop!

Nicki said...

Addy was the same way at that age. she's a LOT better now - more heat tolerant. When she sweats now it's mostly the bottom layer of her hair so you can't even tell. Funny that it seems to be something they outgrow!

It seems so hot and early for pumpkins but it really isn't huh? Do you have plans in mind for costumes this year? I'm having a hard time thinking of something.

angie said...

goooo dawgs, sic' em!


Kate said...

Luci sweats like that too. It's really bad. Now that she's in soccer, it just pours off her face. Poor girl. Hope she outgrows it.

Lane Olson said...

ooooooh. i can't wait to go see the pumpkins. still seems too early for that. molly & co pics are wonderful. what a sweetie pie.

Trying Traditional said...

My twins used to sweat like that. I would feel so bad for them, but they seem to be outgrowing it some. Every nap they would be soaked with sweat (covers or no covers.) Going to the pool they would sweat from the humidity in the pool area, even. They still do sweat before my older gals do, but it is so much less that I hardly notice it.

KrisJ said...

Malia is a crazy sweater too! Love the photos! I cant wait to get some pumpkin shots too!! I cant wait to hear about your photography trip I hope you have the BEST time and can just relax! Thanks so much for helping me out on Friday!!