Sunday, September 06, 2009


Lucy 249/365

Annie 249/365

Today I am thankful for the girls sleeping almost the entire way home this afternoon. These girls were worn out! They didn't nap at all yesterday. Then they had the big birthday party and got all kinds of wired. They were up SO late at the hotel because they wouldn't settle down. Lucy was up until after 10 pm - and that was with no nap. Annie was up until after 9:30 and again, she normally naps for 2-3 hours and goes to bed at 7. Then they got up really early this morning. It was a recipe for disaster. They were pretty good during Mass. Lucy was all over the place, but not especially loud. Annie eventually took a cat nap through the end of the service and then through the baptism. We all went out to lunch after the baptism, and by the end, we left first because they were just melting down. Once they got settled in the car, they were out and stayed asleep until we pulled into our driveway. Annie had a brief wake up and scream, but ended up going back to sleep.

A quick day trip with two little ones is hard! It was well worth it to have some time with family. We wouldn't have missed it! Nana, Grandy, Cayce, Adam and the boys - it was so great to see you all!!

For those of you interested in some AWESOME little girl clothes, I am having a Matilda Jane trunk show on September 15th. If you have never heard of this line, check out their WEBSITE. You will fall in love with this unique and fun line of clothes. The women's line is great as well. The only way to get this stuff is through trunk shows. In order to get my own hands on it, I am having a show next week. When you go to the site, the new fall line is called Gypsy Blue. It is SOOOOO cute. If you are interested in ordering some of this precious line, email me at I can put you in contact with the "Trunk Keeper" that will be at my house doing the show. She can put an order in for anyone. The line goes on sale on Tuesday, and if you are familiar with this stuff, you know it will sell out. Seriously, you will love everything and it is such great quality. It lasts forever and the resale on it is great. Email me for more info.

Here is the whole crew from the baptism. I am wearing my Anthropologie dress that I told you guys that I love so much.



Anonymous said...

it's ok can be second:)


Anonymous said...

yes, I love me some Matilda Jane! Hope you get lot's of good stuff from hosting your party. I really want to have one, but need to make more friends with girls first. My rep is having her party on Tuesday! I can't wait to get my hands on the new line!

Mom2J&I said...

i'm waiting to have my show in Oct because my "trunk keeper" said there would be 10 new pieces coming out then. But the downside is things I need may sell out. I usually end up buying some things before the show because I'm so worried I'll miss out on something. Matilda Jane is an addiction! Gypsy Blue is too cute!
Glad the girls did so well on the ride home.

Mom said...

Thanks a bunch, Justin!!! Only trouble is finding a wireless connection, but I just did!! What a beautiful family, and I'm so glad all went well. I wish I could have slept in the car myself. I'm just tired from talking and eating and more eating and more talking. We did have a wonderful time. Did Justin surprise Nana and Grandy?? I'm glad you are all home safe and sound. Get some sleep, all of you! Miss ya tons. I'm sorry getting rounded around turned out to be so much work! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

David, Lauren, and Brandon are over visiting right now. Those kids have grown like weeds!

Erin said...

Hi Kelly,
Do you find that the Matilda Jane clothes are fairly true to size or do they run on the bigger or smaller side?
I'd love to order some items, but would feel more comfortable if you gave me your opinion on the fit.

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

trunk show, def post, i have friends mad at me bc i did not tell them about it!!! if it is still on lemme know