Thursday, September 17, 2009


Annie 260/365

Lucy 260/365

Today I am thankful for days when we are all healthy. I think sickness is upon us. Lucy has just been really sluggish today and her nose is starting to get yucky. She kind of dragged all morning and then she took a 3 hour nap. She has only done that about 5 times in her life, so that was way out of the ordinary. Then she was ready for bed at 7:30 even after that nap. She has been in good spirits and has no fever, but you can just see it in her eyes that she doesn't feel 100%. I am really hoping it is just a cold and nothing more.

I want to make sure that something is perfectly clear. No one is allowed to use my pictures without my permission. It has now happened on multiple occasions when either I or a friend of mine has found pictures of my children that I took on other people's blogs. They have never been used in a negative or bad way when they have been found, but the fact of the matter is they were stolen off of my website and used without my permission. There was no reference to me or my blog, just my pictures posted on other people's blogs. I really don't appreciate this and feel certain that the others that this is happening to don't either.

The girls and I were going to go to Austin with Justin tomorrow for the night, but we have decided to just stay home. We have too much going on for us all to get worn down and exhausted. I am sad we aren't going, but kind of relieved at the same time. It was going to be a lot of traveling for me and the girls for a really quick trip.

Aren't these t-shirts that the girls are wearing the cutest? A friend made them for them. They have their names on the back and the front of Lucy's says Big Sis and Annie's says Little Sis. So cute.






Anonymous said...

honey... good parenting, organizing, cooking, cleaning, and photography this ya

leelee....still first


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about adding a watermark to your photos?

Mom said...

OK, Dada, I defer to you because of that super sweet comment. I cannot tell you how cute those new t shirts are!!! Such precious girls that you two have! I have now successfully gotten your pictures delivered. I hope both parties loved them; I sure did.

Positive thoughts for Miss Lucy to get to feeling better. We don't need any sickness starting.

Sorry about the picture stealing thing. Don't understand the why of it, so hope it stops now.

Your sis and family have made it to Dollywood! Told her to get Dolly's autograph for me!

Much love, hugs, and kisses. LeeLee

Still second (ugh)

Mom said...

OK, third. Lee

Liz said...

Look at Annie walking so great! Go Annie go! The shirts are adorable.

Hey, look at Courtney's website - - on her blog she watermarks with her logo and "please do not copy or print" or something along those lines. So if someone was going to snake it off your website then it looks ridiculous on their blog with it clearly written across the photograph that they are stolen.

Hope the girls aren't getting sick! We're just getting rid of almost three weeks of it and it's just no fun. You're smart to stay home and just rest.

Courtney said...

So sorry people are using your pictures without your knowledge. Can you print your la la photography over the bottom or something ???? I LOVE the girls shirts, does your friend have an Etsy site ??? Hope you all are feeling good. Courtney

Erica said...

I have a code that you can add to your HTML that will prevent people from right clicking and saving your images. I have added it to my son's blog ( if you want to see it in action. I just removed any temptation after I did a photoshoot and placed a couple of teaser shots on my photo blog. She saved them all and they are now on her FB page! It's flattering, but it was also not allowed.

Email me privately if this is something you are interested in or need help with.

Hope the girls aren't coming down with something. Duc has been very sniffly and coughing and I've been in his room twice since I put him down (unheard of given it is only 11 pm).

LawMommy said...

Those T-Shirts are adorable.

People are putting your pictures of your kids on their blogs? Not like, "go look at Kelly's blog, her kids are adorable" (which could still be weird, but at least would make sense) - but just posting your pictures? There is an awful lot of crazy and rude out there...

I think the poster above who mentioned changing your code to disable photo-saving might be on to something.

Sherri said...

Gosh Justin you are sweet! Gracie cannot wait to see you. I think she thinks that she is going to see Justin Timberlake. Hope Lucy and Annie don't get sick (or you Kelly). The flu has been terrible around here. We all got flu shots this week. Grace is still mad at the nurse Mrs. Sheila. She fell down and scraped her knee today. She said her knee hurt and it was Mrs Sheila's fault.

KrisJ said...

Love the pic of Annie walking to Lucy.. to cute. Gotta say that people stealing photos and using them without your knowledge freaked me out! Hello creepy!! I will hope and pray that you all DONT get sick and that you have a wonderful weekend!!

mimi lam said...

Sorry about tacky people stole your pictures, what happened to courtesy, and consideration rules to these ADULTS?, Annie is running, and growing too fast, she and Lucy probaly have more fun now than before, love Lucy's boots.

HAPTeach said...

I love those shirts! We are expecting our second boy and would love to get something similar. Where did you find them?

Also, have you thought about possibly either adding a signature onto your photos or a way to disable right clicking on your blog? That might help!

Love your work and your insights :)

Kristi said...

Why would anyone want to put pictures of your kids on their blog? Weird.

There is simple HTML code you can add to your blog to disable the right-click function. May be worthwhile to do since you're having issues.

Melissa said...

This happened to my mom and me. Some lady took my little sisters and posed them as her own. We recently found her and got her to shut them down. Here is what we suggest.

1. Maybe contact whoever has the picture up and let them know it is copyrighted and ask them to please remove it.

2. Watermark your pictures.

3. Disable Right Clicks.

Your girls are precious!!! I hate that this is happening.

Emily said...

it happened AGAIN?
have you thought abt watermarking.
maybe do one with a really low opacity?
makes me SO angry for you!!!!! i still cannot comprehend what sort of person thinks it is OK to takes pictures without permission. i am fired up here!

Emily said...

oh, just read in comments that you can disable right click. pretty cool.

The Houser's said...

I say disable the right click.. and because of your statement the other day that "bigger is better" i'm trying to find a photographer here that does the type of pictures I want so I can get one of them of my girls on a BIG OLD Canvas:-)and I have to admit I got a giggle out of your mom not posting first, although doesn't Justin have an unfair advantage in knowing when you post?? Come On LeeLee

foureverlove said...

such cute shirts....and precious kids! i can't imagine posting daily...I commend you for sticking to it!

MKH said...

I hope that Lucy is not getting sick! LOVE that first photo in yesterday's post of Lucy in her dress. so pretty! you are almost at the 100 to go mark of posting!

ginger said...

Such cute pictures of Annie walking. How adorable. Can't believe that anyone would snitch your pictures off of your blog. What right do they have to those pictures. I must admit that your girls are adorable, but still...

Mom said...

Without a doubt, Dada has an unfair advantage! Sometimes I just have to LET him be first so he won't feel badly. Just one of the small sacrifices one has to make! Lee