Monday, September 21, 2009


Lucy 264/365

Annie 264/365

Today I am thankful for dinner out with Justin and my neighbors!! It is going to be so much fun and we are trying out a new restaurant. I turn 30 next Tuesday. Seriously? How did this happen? I can remember turning 20 so clearly. How can 10 years fly by so quickly???? So much has happened. I can only imagine what the next 10 will hold. Anyway, I am really excited about a night out. Mandy is coming to meet us, too. This was the only night we could all go to dinner until way into October because of crazy schedules, so we are celebrating a little early.

This is it for me tonight. Lots to do before we head out.


My 3 Sons said...

Happy early Birthday! Enjoy your night out and enjoy JUST being 30....40 is not creeping up on me anymore, it's starting to charge at me! Ha!!!

Sharon said...

Have a great Bday dinner!

Mom said...

Have a fun night out. Paula said she was going to help Sloan babysit!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Amy got here safe and sound. We've already had our chicken casserole!!! Love and kisses, LeeLee

lee said...

have fun! if it's any consolation, i just turned 36 did THAT happen?!


Amy Jo said...

Happy early birthday! I hope you enjoyed your night out!

rachel said...

Happy Birthday! I know I never comment, either - I'm sorry. I love your photos! Have a great 30th! :)