Thursday, September 10, 2009


Lucy 253/365

Annie 253/365

Today I am thankful for taking the time to get on while the girls were napping today. I am sure most of you have heard of this website. I heard of it a long time ago but for some reason kept forgetting about it. I was reminded of it on my friend's blog and for some reason thought of it again today. I think it is because I have been feeling like our house is out of control with clutter and dirt. This lady is awesome and helps you get organized and motivated with your housework. I like how she thinks and how positive she is. So, I am just jumping in and going to try and make her advice part of my routine. If you do know about her, you will be happy to know that I shined my sink up really pretty today!! I seriously am excited about doing this because I LOVE a clean, organized, and uncluttered home.

We had a VERY rough day today. Both girls had a bad morning. Lucy got much better after nap, but Annie was in a big, big funk all day today. She honestly expects me to hold her the entire time she is awake. The. Entire. Time. And if I happen to need to put her down to say, go to the restroom or do something for my other small child, she screams the most bone chilling scream you have ever heard. It is not even a cry, but an actual scream. It will make you batty within a minute or two. This is becoming a progressively bigger problem and she is going to have to accept the fact that I am unable to hold her the entire time she is awake. It is not possible and not realistic. I cannot really get anything done when she is awake, which is also going to have to change. Lucy has always been soooooooo good about independent play while I got other things done. I was obviously spoiled from this and would have never imagined how difficult it is to get anything done with a child who basically refuses to play independently, even for a few minutes. I am very worn out from today. Bedtime was very welcomed.

I have been showering every night with the girls because the mess that Annie makes during a bath has not been worth it to me. I am not kidding when I say that between the two girls, the entire bathroom is under water by the end of a bath. It has been weeks since they have had a bath. I am going to start one of Fly Lady's nightly routines by ending the day with a bubble bath. I think it will be good for my sleeping and something that is special and relaxing just for me. So into the tub they went. I put them in and closed the shower curtain and told them to have fun. I sat on the floor in the bathroom and listened to them splash and laugh for 15 minutes before bathing them and getting them out. The break from the screaming was very nice and the bath put everyone in a better mood.

I am off to get a few things done before Project Runway. Have a great night!

A couple of you asked if that was a belly button in Lucy's self portrait and the answer is yes. In fact, I laughed at you guys noticing because it was the very first things she pointed out to me. Apparently she is in to drawing people now because she drew one with chalk today. She finished her drawing, stood back and said, "Hmmmmmm. Somethings missing." Then she stared at the person and announced, "I know. Its the nose!" And she added the nose to her person. So cute!!


Liz said...

Funny you said that about fly lady because last week I was thinking about her and how several years ago I got on the kick but then dropped it about two weeks later. But I have started with the "get up in the morning and get completely dressed all the way to lacing up your shoes". I really does get me going a little better. Who knows, maybe next week I'll shine my mirror while I'm brushing my teeth. But for now, I'm content with being dressed first thing in the morning.

Sorry Annie is giving you such a hard time. The ability to entertain themselves is not something you appreciate until you have one that can't and then it's a whole different ball game. Hope the bubble bath does you a world of good!

Capture said...

Oh honey, I think everyone just has those days. I will tell you this though. I take a bubble bath every.single.niiigght. Without fail. It is my 20 minutes of uninterrupted me time and my time to unwind and relax. You deserve it so I say get your butt to Anthro, get some pretty smelling candles, play some of your favorite music and enjoy. You deserve it Sweetness!
K xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my, your kids sound VERY similar to mine - a very independent one and an, um, not so independent one. Mattix was too independent for a long time, but now that's he's so well adjusted, he's soooo ideal! Loves people and loves us, but loves to do his thing and can really get involved in a project, toy. etc. Like you, I must have gotten VERY spoiled because holy heck, sometimes I just want to put Molley down and not have her hang on me, scream at me, etc. She makes a VERY unique (read: horrifying) guttural type screaming noise when she wants to be picked up (which is most of the time that I'm not holding her) and it manages to touch on very last nerve that I have.

Anyway, sorry for that! You're not a lone. And when lots of things are out of whack, it makes it harder. I'd like to give some of Fly Lady's ideas a try, but for now, I'm barely surviving. One day...

Here's to a better tomorrow for you guys!

Jenny said...

Mia and Cammie still will not really play independently. When they were little I had to hold them both all the time for hours. It was exhausting and drove me insane. Conor would get home from work and I would be in the chair...with 2 babies all over me. You can't do anything except sit there or listen to screaming. Thank god for tv, it was the only thing that worked for me so I could do other stuff. I am sure it is phase and will end soon.

Good luck with it.

Jena said...

yeah, Kel, LB went through that cling-y horrible screaming thing for about a year :) He is just now getting out of it...I used the Ergo A LOT!!!!
(helpful hint:you can tinkle with the ergo on :)

Sharon said...

It's been years since I went to the Fly Lady site. Thanks for the reminder!

Sara said...

We are in similar parallel worlds my cyber friend! Bella has founf the word CAN'T and uses it defiently and often. We had our blows just now and off to bed they both went. I just wanted to scream SERENITY NOW! I'm sure the neighbors just wanted to scream too as the meltdown for BOTH of us, was outside. Good grief. I'm thinking of taking up the nightly bath -- CAPTURE made it sound so divine. However, I'm gonna shy off from Fly Lady for now -- I already put WAY too much pressure on myself and if I try to follow her lead I may go clinically insane ;) Have a great weekend!

Seashy said...

you hate the top I got Lucy.

Nicki said...

I know this is totally the last suggestion you want to hear right now but I've found over the years that when one my kids is needy the fastest way to end the need is to overindulge it. Especially at Annie's age (where she's mobile and inquisitive). I know it sounds impossible to give her MORE than she's already asking but if you have it in you, give it a whirl. Get out your mei tai (much more comfy at this age than a sling, imo) and strap it on, throw her in and and keep her attached (front or back) for even ridiculous parts of the day like meals. She will go nuts in no time - she's a toddler! The minute she feels secure again she'll take off on you and you'll have some independence back.

Good for you with the flylady!! I need something (TIME!!!) - my house is a sty. It is making me sick. I can't handle it.

Mom said...

Sorry for the rough day. Be patient, more will come, and you just work thru them!! And I know you will!! My back is killing me from yard work, maybe I need the bubble bath! Love, LeeLee

Heather - The Wanna-be Super Mom said...

I have been lurking on your blog for a while...your kids are beautiful. Hsin-Hua has been home for 6 weeks and wants to be held all the time too. She will let Daddy hold her, but if I am in the room she screams and claws at me. It is SO hard. I feel your pain.