Friday, September 04, 2009


Lucy 247/365

Annie 247/365

Today I am thankful for all of the dogs getting along! My two little dogs were being very protective of their turf yesterday and they were just begging for a dog fight. You guess who would win - a 3 lb chihuahua or a 40 lb beagle? Anyway, they have cooled off and the dogs are getting along very well. My dogs know Bentley and Bailey very well from all of the time we spend in Little Rock. But when the dogs come to our house, things are different. So happy that I haven't had to get in the middle of any spats.

I apologize for the past several days on the blog being especially boring and insignificant. I have just been tired and sick of being on the computer. Annie's picture is with her best friend, Ava, who we babysat for a while today while her new baby girl cousin was being born. So sweet!

Have a great weekend! We have fun plans tomorrow to go to Austen and Jaksen's birthday party. Yay!!


Sherri said...

Glad there have been no dog fights to break up. Lucy is the picture of innocence in that first shot.

Mom said...

OK, I have just figured out how to get internet here at the family reunion! I am glad there have been no more dog fights, scares me to think of it. Sorry your morning has been so hectic, hope it slows down and you can have fun with those sweet little cousins! Clyda and I are getting ready to go toodle around town a bit. Is very overcast and muggy. Hope it doesn't rain on our parade!! Travel safely. Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee