Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Lucy 245/365

Annie 245/365

Today I am thankful for all the help Justin gave me with the girls so that I could get a ton of work done today. To get an idea of what I got done, you can see some of the sample Christmas cards that will be available to La La clients on the blog. I want my clients to have the most beautiful cards to choose from because I LOVE Christmas cards so much. Truly, few things bring me as much joy as getting holiday cards throughout the month of December. I agonized over what to offer for weeks, but I am so happy with what I have so far. If you are wanting a session this fall in time for the holidays, you need to contact me asap because spots are filling up quickly. And we all know this time of the year FLIES by and in the blink of an eye I feel like Christmas will actually be here.

Since Christmas has been on my mind the past few days, I just asked Lucy what she wants Santa to bring her this year. Her response was, "Lots of presents." I said of course I know you want a lot of presents, but what kind of presents do you want. She responded with, "You know. Things like polka dots and stuff." Hummmm. Not sure how we are going to give her polka dots, but I bet we can figure out something.

I still have so much to finish up tonight, so I am keeping this short. But I do have a fun new blog to share with you guys. A good friend of mine just started a year long project to see how exercising a minimum of 5 minutes a day for one year changes her life, if at all. It is really funny and she is just starting, so go and read HERE. She is doing it with her best friend, who also posts as the author LJWH. I would start at the beginning to see exactly what the theory behind this little project is. And leave her a comment or two. She is new to the world of blogging and you know how important comments are. There is something weird going on with her comments and when you hit the Submit button it tells you some sort of error. Just hit submit again and then it will work.




Anonymous said...

first again?


Mom said...

I give up!!! 2nd or 3rd or 4th is not too bad! Sounds like Dada put in a big day of Mr. Mom. Way to go, Dada. Bet the girls loved it. Glad you got lots done, Mom. I'll have to go look at the Christmas cards. Can't wait! Getting all ready to come your way. Bentley and Bailey just said how excited they are to be going to stay with their real mom. ha ha ha ha See you all soon. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

liz said...

Obsessed! LOVE the cards! Since we probably won't be near you to do a session can you make everyone who does be required to send me one? Because you know how much I love the Christmas cards as well. They decorate my Christmas tree every year.

We may have to make a trip to Big D.

Mom said...

How was day 2 at school??? And I loved the cards, too! Mom

Mom said...

Tivo Y&R for me! Thanks! Lee

Seashy said...

Y&R?? Mom, that's just nasty.

Nicki said...

Great cards!!!

I love that website - thanks for sharing! I'm now a fan!

Oh Lee Lee you always make me smile!

Sharon said...

I'm off to go check out the cards and the new site. Polka dots, eh?

Kristen said...

LOVE the cards ~ great work!

Y&R... me too Lee Lee! However, none of the storylines are great right now... the Patty storeline is dragging on and on. haha

Erin said...

The polka dot pram from pottery barn would be super cute sitting under the tree Christmas morning!

Ronja said...

I haven't commented forever and just thought to say hi and that I think the cards and the girls christmas pictures turned out so cool!

I'll go check your friends blog and comment :-)

Greetings from Germany,