Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Lucy 259/365

Annie 259/365

Today I am thankful for hiring an accountant and getting my business stuff in order. This has been something I have stressing over and it is something that can be crossed off the big TO DO list in my ever racing mind. The accounting side of the business is something that I know nothing about and I needed help. So glad to have it done before I get even further behind as things pick way up this fall.

It has been raining and completely overcast here for almost a week. I am really ready to see the sun again. I miss it. I have 4 sessions this weekend and would really like to fit them all in - with no rain or total clouds. Work with me here weather.







Fabulous new 24x24 canvas of the girls. I wish everyone would believe me when I say that bigger is better!!


Mama P said...

Hi Kelly,
Where do you order your canvas prints from? They look incredible and I would love to do that with a couple of pictures of my 3 kids. How does the process work?

Courtney said...

I have a huge lifesize canvas of my daughter for her 1 yr pictures. It is awesome. (it is of the photo on my blog profile of her on the couch). I am wondering what site you use ??? I would love to try to do one on my own instead of using the expensive site my photographer used. Any info would be great. Thanks. Courtney

Mom said...

Hey--and don't forget to say that that wonderful canvas of the girls is coming to Papa and LeeLee's house!!! Soon to be followed by getting one of the boys! Love Lucy in twirling mode.

Has been pouring all day. It's been almost two weeks for us and no sun. Was very sluggish today and I would like to get rid of that feeling.

Hug and kiss Lucy and Annie for me. Love, LeeLee

Tracy said...

Love, love, love the brown shoes. Photos are beautiful. I wish I lived closer to get in a session :)

Lane Olson said...

i adore these pictures of lucy! they made me smile really big. such a sweet girlie moment...

KrisJ said...

Someone is loving her Matilda Jane!! I LOVE the canvas I wish youd share where you order from hint hint! Ive ordered from a "cheap" place and was really dissapointed. Sooo Fall tv baby!! Sooo excited!

Mom said...

Night, Sweetie! Mom

Cori said...

LOVE the twirling pics!! And what an awesome canvas as well. Where do you order them from?

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Your babies are so beautiful!

Emily said...

i love it that you have an accountant:) i have been a self employed artist for 8 years and this is the FIRST year i have everthing in order for tax season. normally i am a freaking mess at that time.

the canvas is so amazing. bigger really is better. i think i am going to stop offering 4x6 prints b/c of that very reason.

love the twirly girl!

Kelly said...

The recent pictures have been printed by Simply Canvas. They are a lab that only works with professional photographers. I would use though if I didn't have professional accounts.