Monday, September 14, 2009


Annie 257/365

Lucy 257/365

Today I am incredibly thankful for the mom's Bible study that I started today. I tried to do this group the first fall that I was home with Lucy. I missed several weeks in a row and just stopped going. I already know of several Mondays that I won't be able to go this fall, but anytime I am home I am going to go. I really enjoy the group of women and I know that I will gain a lot from it. This fall the topic is prayer. It is going to be great and I am really excited about it.

I am afraid that the blog is going to be a little lacking for a while. I have so much on my plate and with my new found desire to keep my house extremely clean and organized that I just have much less time for the computer. I have been very busy booking Christmas session, which I can't wait to get started on! Starting this Sunday, things get really busy. So, I will definitely still be posting everyday, it is just going to be much fewer pictures.

Papa and Lee Lee got here this afternoon so the pics are of Lee Lee putting her babies to bed. I made my favorite lasagna for dinner for us all and our neighbors Steve, Christy and Ava. Miss Ava has taken several baths over here recently and it is so funny to see all three girls in the tub together. Ava is used to being in a bath chair at home, so she goes WILD in our tub when she is on the loose. It is so funny.

I am chatting with my mom, so good night!

Lucy's exact words, "Don't take my picture, Mom." while wagging her finger at me.



Mom said...

Hooray for being back to computerable!! Happy to be here and hug on these girls. Trip went very well, lots of good family visiting and food, food, food. Kelly and Justin are ready to lower the dog population around here, so we will help them out. So much rain has not helped. Am ready to see our home, too! Love and kisses to all. Wyatt, I hope you are feeling better! LeeLee

I can beat Dada because he is so into his football!

Jen said...

Hi Kelly-
I am a long time reader, but hardly ever comment, sorry 'bout that. I love your dedication to your 365 project...You go girl! After reading about FlyLady from you I signed up too. My house is not that bad since I am pretty compulsive about cleaning, but it is nice to have the daily reminders. Thanks for the heads-up!
BTW I have 2 kids from VN too.

Seashy said...

The first day that camera doesn't come out, Lucy will ask.

p.s. I should be dead asleep right now. However, Tyler Brett and I just puzzled for a solid four hours straight without taking a break to use the restroom or eat. My back is killing me. The final picture is of two wolves in a snowy forest, glow in the dark. It's actually beautiful and was REALLY hard. Off to dreamland. Love to you all :)

Annette said...

A well deserved break for you! You do a fabulous job with not only your blog but with those beautiful girls you have. What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Seashy is now working glow in the dark puzzles featuring wolves and snowy landscapes???

Wow. What a nerd.