Saturday, August 29, 2009


Annie 241/365

Lucy 241/365

Today I am thankful for this man and woman at the mall that helped me out when things got a little sticky. First of all, any time I take the girls to the mall by myself, I wear Annie in the Ergo and Lucy is in the stroller. Of course, Lucy rides in the stroller for about 10 minutes and then she wants to walk. Anyway, I probably get told 15 times, every single time, that "You sure do have your hands full!" I am so used to it at this point that it is no big deal, but I guess we look ridiculous to a lot of people. After we finally found some shoes for Lucy for school, we went to the food court to eat. I had just gotten our food and was in the process of getting Annie a highchair and settled. Lucy got mad at me when I put the straw into her juice - which was in a styrofoam cup. So I took the straw out and handed it to her so she could do it. Of course, as I am getting Annie out of the Ergo, Lucy sticks the straw through the styrofoam and within about 5 seconds, her whole drink was EVERYWHERE. I knew Lucy would get upset, so I hardly even reacted. I scooted her further down the bench and started trying to figure out how to deal with this. It spilled all in the highchair for Annie, so I am still holding her. Now Lucy is getting upset because she doesn't have a drink any more. In order to go back and get her another drink, I was going to have to load everyone and everything back up in the stroller and take them with me because it was too far for me to just step away and not take Lucy and our stuff. I didn't have to worry about that because a really kind lady offered to go and get her drink replaced for me. I found a lady who worked there to help us clean up and Lucy got her drink. Crisis averted. That couple could definitely tell that I could use an extra set of hands!! I greatly appreciate kind people.

I love this story, so I have to share. Lee Lee got recognized by a blog reader at the zoo today - and we weren't with her and she wasn't in her hometown!! I have a feeling she is getting a big head for being famous! G - my mom and sister said it was a pleasure meeting you and that your children were just precious! So glad you said hello!! I hope to meet you guys when the girls and I are in town the next time. Lucy has been recognized on several different occasions, but I love that Lee Lee was recognizable!

I had a really awesome day with the girls. They were both in great moods and just fun to be around. We had lots of laughs and snuggles. Little pumpkins.




Mom said...


Sincerely, the famous (ha ha ha ha ha), Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the top pic of Annie in the swing. Love.

Mom said...

Looks like everyone is happy and had a great day. Thank heaven for kind people. The weather here today was lovely. Great day for the zoo and golf. I am pooped, so off to bed!! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Geneva said...

It was so nice meeting them Kelly. They are all so beautiful and so sweet. Those little nephews of yours are gorgeous !!! Marli was a little rude to one of them, she thought she was the only one allowed to sit on the concrete alligators. (she is going through a bad attitude phase, we hope it is a phase).

I would LOVE to have you do our photos when you visit your family, we are only about an hour SE of them, so please keep in touch !!!

Sara said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Annie's TOES on the first shot. Her personality reminds me SO MUCH of Luke...perhaps they are destined for one another ;) I HEAR YOU and understand you on the mall story and feel like I live that life daily...anticipate my story regarding the state fair VERY soon on my blog. WHEW. Hang in there.