Sunday, August 02, 2009


She follows me around all day long wanting me to pick her up! I can't tell you how many times a day I see this look.
Annie 214/365

Lucy 214/365

Today I am thankful that I can say that I have weaned Annie from her middle of the night bottle. WOOO HOOO! I am getting much longer stretches of sleep now, and it is fantastic. She has not had a bottle in the middle of the night for 4 nights now. She has still been waking up around 11 pm, which she has always done. But she is calming very quickly if I go in and sing her a few songs and then she has been sleeping until at least 8 am. Love, love, love continuous sleep when my body allows me to have it. To be perfectly honest, I could have eliminated this bottle a long time ago, but I was SO scared that Annie was going to turn into one of those kids that got up at the crack of dawn because she was hungry. In case I haven't made it extremely clear, I DO NOT do early, early mornings. It appears that she will be like Lucy and be a 8 am riser for me. Thank you, girls. Really, it makes me so happy that you don't make me get up with the birdies.

We had a fun day today. Breakfast with our neighbors, Christy and Ava. Then they came over and played a while so the morning flew by. After naps we went to some friends' pool to swim and they made the best dinner. I pushed Annie to stay up way later than normal and she did fine until the drive home, where she completely lost it. I had to get both girls bathed when we got home because we had been swimming, so we all went through the shower as quickly as I could make it happen. She normally goes to bed at 7 and I didn't get her in bed until 9. I bet I have to wake her up in the morning for therapy.

If she doesn't get picked up quick enough, here is what happens next.



Mom said...

I am sleepy just waiting for the post, and I KNOW the girls are out because they just can't stay up that late! So glad that you had a fun day and that Anners is making it without that middle of the night bottle. Altho, when I got to keep her, I enjoyed staring at her while we rocked, drank her bottle, and sang! They just grow up too fast. Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Sarah said...

I thought 8am was the crack of dawn... isn't it? :) We put Hannah down 7:30-8pm, give her a night time bottle around midnight before one of us goes to bed, and she sleeps until at least 8am.

Anonymous said...

I see the same thing ALL day long as well. Literally, I have to be carrying Elizabeth all the time. It gets so exhausting sometimes... however, I love that she needs her mama so much!
Woo-hoo to the 8 am risers! I am totally jealous! I am absolutely not a morning person but have to get up around 5:00. Luckily I can get Elizabeth back to sleep until about 7:00... but still, I'm up at 5! Ugly.

Anonymous said...

You're not alone - I, too, am stalked by a tiny cutie all day. Except, I get that precious face, a pair of outstretched arms, and a cute little "Mah!" wimper to go along with it all. I wouldn't have it any other way :)