Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is definitely a new favorite picture of Lucy for me.
Lucy 223/365

Annie 223/365

Today I am thankful for Annie really starting to make progress with walking. She is still far from being a walker, but this week she has really gotten braver and we see her actually walking from one place to another on her own without us coaching her. She takes the tiniest, most cautious steps you have ever seen. It is so sweet. She has just made so much progress recently that I can't even believe. Such a big girl in a little tiny body. Love that girl.

And Lucy has been being so sweet to Annie all day. She has been checking on her and being really sympathetic when Annie has been upset and she has been wanting to play and share with her more. So, so, so happy about this. I really pray it continues.

I have a headache, so I am going to be done with the blog for today. Have a great night!







This is going to be my new bribery for Lucy and pictures. I got those sweet pictures of her before she knew about the Pez, but it will be my go to from now on. I can put only a few pieces in it and she is pleased as punch about getting to dispense the candy herself without getting an insane amount of sugar. Thought I would pass this along to those of you with unwilling photo participants. I think it is going to work like a charm.


Mom2J&I said...

I like the Pez idea. Thanks!
(and beautiful pics, btw)

Mom said...

Beautiful pics of beautiful pumpkins! Sorry your head hurts--maybe if you're sweet Dada will massage it for you. That always helps. I said, be sweet! Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

KrisJ said...

LOVE the pics! I hate that I dont live close enough to get your talent on my babies!

Susan said...

Love the pics! Want to hear something weird? Petunia has that same Pez dispenser, but she doesn't care to have candy in it. She just likes to play with it as is. At least Lucy uses it for its intended purpose! Hope your head feels better.

Anonymous said...

New favorite picture? How the heck do you choose??? They are all my favorites! :)

mimi lam said...

I guessed everyday there are new favorite pictures of these lovely girls, to me, they all are wholesome, lovely pictures for all seasons, hope you will feel better tomorrow.

McMurrays said...

Love the pictures today. Just started following your blog. Your girls are darling and your photography is fabulous! We have a Lucia that we adopted from Guatemala. . love the name:)

Unknown said...

I love the girls' dresses in these!

Isn't it so nice when the kids are sweet to each other! I have two boys then a girl. When the oldest found out he'd be a big brother the first time, he had no clue what it really meant. But the boys have been inseperable since he was born;) However, the younger boy and my daughter don't always see eye to eye, so when they do get along... it's like magic!

Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Sara said...

LOVE the pez suggestion and I am so on board with trying that! I'm sure with this daily photo thing (which you are doing awesome at BTW) you have lots of NEW favorites! The more pics I take -- the harder it is to choose! Gorgeous!