Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Lucy 231/365

Annie 231/365

Today I am thankful for Lucy's single dimple on her left cheek. Oh how that dimple makes me smile. Everyone notices it and comments on how extremely adorable it is. I could look at that smile all day long. Sweet girl.

We did our favorite thing to do when we are at my parent's house tonight. We took the girls for a golf cart ride and fed the swan. The golf course is having a lot of work done to it, so there weren't really any golfers out and we could take the cart all over the course with no fear of being pelted by a golf ball. I could have easily taken hundreds of pictures because it is my all time favorite light and the setting is just perfect. Love, love, love tonight's images - my babies running free and just enjoying life. I had such a hard time choosing my top picture for Lucy. She had so many good ones tonight.

Before we get started, this is what Annie's hair looked like when she woke up from her nap. Wow.



I love this one.









In a race!!








Anonymous said...

first from chicago leelee!!


jilljohnandhope said...

How do you EVER choose a favorite? I for sure couldn't pick a favorite out of those. They are all great! Glad you all had a fun day at home!

Anonymous said...

miss my girls!!

good pictures honey!

love you all


Mom2J&I said...

gorgeous silhouette!

Mom said...

OK Dada, you can't hog 1st and 3rd spots!!!!! ha ha
I bet you do miss these sweet girls! They are nothing but joy and fun, all rolled up into their sweet personalities! Hope you are having fun in Chicago. Did you do the Mile of Shopping?? (another ha ha) Take care. The pics are soooo good. The golf course is having a lot done, but is still so beautiful. Take it for granted some times, but makes for a good stacation. Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

jenn-and-dan said...

Kelly! The pics for today are SO SWEET!!! Love seeing them with the grandparents! So sweet!

ashleyjnc said...

Today your pictures reminded me of Counting Blue Cars by dishwalla.

Must of been late afternoon
as I could tell by how far the child's shadow stretched out.

The girls are beautiful :)

Lisa said...

Great photos! Looks like a fun evening.

Sharon said...

Well I was going to comment on that amazing picture of Lucy at the top, but then I got side tracked by Annie's hair : ) hehehe.
L wakes up with a bird's nest in the back of her hair every time. At least Annie's has got style!

Suzi said...

oh my goodness kelly, these are some of my favorite pics i have ever seen on your blog. gorgeous! seeing your girls makes me so excited for p to get a little older and run around the golf course :)

Nicki said...

I do love that first one. But I think my favorite one is the one of Annie up on her Grandpa's shoulders! That one is postcard perfect to me!!

Kelly said...

That first photo is beautiful beyond words....

Seashy said...

WOW Kel. I am stunned by the beauty of these!!!!

About to start training class. REAAALLLY miss you guys.

Kisses to all.

metaphase said...

Just great photos. Love the one of Annie on grandpa's shoulders by the water.

Jason and Erin said...

That first picture is amazing!!!

mimi lam said...

WoW! stunning pictures, these pictures bring out the best of mother nature sceneries, love the shadow picture, and Annie and her Grandpa walking toward the sunset on golf court.

Annette said...

These pictures are amazing!!! You have a great gift for photography! Of course, Lucy and Annie are just absolutely precious!

MKH said...

really neat photos tonight! glad we got to see the swan again too!

Kelli said...

Love love love these outdoor pictures! sounds like a great evening too.

Anonymous said...

Love the top one (and the one you love too!).

Blessings, Ashley

Kate said...

Love the first photo, but the one with Luci and your dad takes the cake!

Kate said...

LUCY not Luci...heehee!!!

M said...

Beautiful pictures! You have a waiting client in DC!

Cori said...

All great pics, but the first one is AMAZING!!