Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Lucy 217/365

Annie 217/365

Today I am thankful for the support that is constantly provided to me by Justin and our parents. I had a big request today. I REALLY want to attend a photography workshop being held in September. It is far away, it is expensive, the travel costs will be high, and I will be away from the girls for 4 nights. But I feel 100% confident that it is worth every penny and that the money will come back in no time with what I will take away from this workshop. So, first I called Justin to talk to him about it. Without even thinking, he said, "If you think it is going to be worth it, do it." Not once did he say, "This is not the best time. That is a lot of money." Nothing - just told me to do it. Then I called my parents because I am going to need some help with the girls for a few of the days that Justin won't be here. They had to check on one thing to make sure it wasn't the same weekend and they called immediately back to say they would be here. It really meant so much to me to see how much support my loved ones are willing to give me as I figure out this whole photography business thing. I want to make this work and I want to do it the right way. And in order to do that, I need a little help. Now, I still haven't heard if I got into the workshop and the wait is killing me. I am going to be VERY upset if it was full by the time I got my info in. PLEASE let me in!!!!

I need Annie's teeth to give her a little break. They are really hurting her and her gums look awful. Her top left molar is right at the surface. I can feel individual points, but it won't break all the way through. Her eye teeth are right there as well. Her fingers are in her mouth ALL of the time. The drool is even more intense than before. And she was not happy about much this morning. If I wasn't holding her, she was screaming. I just put her in the sling until she passed out. She had a much better afternoon, but man the morning was rough. She has been very upset the past two nights from 10-midnight. She just can't get settled back down. This is even with the help of Motrin. I wish she could get some relief.

I have been able to break out a new birthday present that Lucy got from a friend for the past several days since it is so miserably hot outside. This morning was finger paints, and she loved them! Oh the mess. Well worth it though. She actually forgot that I was paying close attention and started painting herself. It was funny when she looked up and noticed me. It was like, "Oops. I didn't mean to do that." Ha.

Here is a video of Lucy doing a puzzle. It is kind of boring, but you can see her do the whole thing in 6.5 minutes. And as a bonus, she sings while she works! Feel free to pass this one up, but I want it here so I can always remember my little puzzle master.

This is all natural window light in my kitchen in the mornings. It is beautiful light and makes me very happy.








Oh yeah, you're watching me. Oops.





Doing a little math this morning.

Do you think you could clean me up?



I didn't get a shower until she was down for nap. Some days are just like that.


Mom said...

Shower? Who needs a shower? I am commenting, then going back to watch the video. I am so glad that you let Lucy really enjoy her paints. Love her rolling her body!!! And even tho our little drooly box has a sore mouth, she sure takes a great picture! The photography school sounds great. Fingers crossed that you got in! When will we know?? Keep us all posted. Glad my day is over and that all went well. I can eat again!! (Like I need too, ugh). Hugs and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Terynn said...

I love, love, love the last three photos, b&w's, of Annie in the sling. So creative.

Holly Dolly said...

Kelly, we love you - nits & all. Is it nits or knits? Seashy, got a ruling? Love you!!!

PS - Love Nanners hair in the little barette. Super cute.

PPS - OF COURSE you will get in! SECRET!!!! (Say it like Oprah.) I'm putting it out to the universe. HA!

Anonymous said...

Very cool about the workshop. Which one are you thinking of going to? I've been looking at taking one by a fav photographer in Chicago...

Susan said...

Oh, my, but I wanted to cry looking at the pics of Annie in the sling. I know what a hard time Petunia had with her teeth, and I remember how she just wanted me to hold her so much, even though there wasn't a whole lot I could do to ease her pain. Seeing Annie snuggled up to you brought those memories back, and it's so sad to know how she's hurting. However, the pics themselves are really too sweet.

That's awesome news about the photography school! I'm really, really excited for you, and I hope like crazy that you get in.

Okay, I know you're an Arkansas fan, but I noticed that Lucy was painting with LSU colors. You better watch out. She may already have some plans you aren't aware of. haha

Shirley H. said...

*clap clap* for Lucy! She is so good with puzzle!

Last weekend i get to experience this clinging session with my godson, Ernest who is teething too..

Saluate to all moms out there!

Norah said...

Lucy's a great artist and Annie looks SO big in your sling?!

Beth said...

I love how cute little kids are when they're sleeping... even cuter when they're snuggled up to Mommy.

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck getting into your photography workshop! Your pictures are already more than amazing! You have great talent! And you deserve to do something for yourself every once in a while!
Let me introduce myself but I think I did before I live in Houston. I have 2 daughters as well. I don't even know anyone that has adopted but I think it's a wonderful thing to do for these children! I wish you the very best. I had a question about your sling! It's very cute and looks very comfy! Can you tell me brand or where you got it??
Anyways I hope they let you know about your workshop soon!!

iMother2.0 said...

loving all your shots...partial to the messy ones ;)

Heather said...

Kelly, those pics of Annie in the sling are beautiful. Love it. About the puzzle thing, our little guy was 17 mo. when he came home from Kaz. I remember him playing so quietly after he dumped out the pieces to every puzzle on the floor. I let it go and got busy w/ something else. A while later I checked on him and they were ALL put back together. I was freaked out and wondered who in the house was playing a joke (it was just me and Grant home)! BTW, he does great in school and oddly good w/ numbers! You should try word searches and soduko as she gets into her preschool yrs. I bet she can do it!

Sue said...

I have only posted on your blog a few times but visit daily. I to am a newby photographer. I love to look at your pics and think you do an amazing job! I know you will be able to get in to your workshop, go power of positive thinking!! I have recently found 2 different workshops online that I feel will do wonders for me. I know that it is hard to spend the money to do these but remember that in any business you have to invest time AND money to make them successful. So go and enjoy with NO GUILT!!

Take care and GOODLUCK!!!

MKH said...

I hope you get into the workshop! although in my opinion your photography can't get any better! you even take GREAT pics when you have a baby sleeping on you! she looks just beautiful!

Kelly said...

The sling is made by Hot Slings and it is very comfy and easy to use. I really like it, but don't use it anymore that often.

mimi lam said...

Good Luck on your photo workshop, and have much fun, we all will enjoy all your workshop knowledges through your beautiful pictures. Annie looks so comfortable, and restfull in the sling, love those BW pictures, and yay!, to Lucy, a little puzzles master.

Elaine said...

I hope you get into your workshop. Having such supportive parents really is something to be thankful for. Never forget it. :)

Mom said...

OK, Holly Dolly, your comment really CRACKED me up! I am going with nits. Knit means to make a sweater. And of course putting the workshop out to the universe is SO Oprah!!! (All my girls call themselves, or we call them for them, "nit heads" when they can't/don't get their hair washed)


Lee Lee