Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Annie 216/365

Lucy 216/365

Today I am thankful that today marks the day exactly one year ago that we received Annie's referral. I am so, so, so thankful that we were placed with this child. I can't imagine our lives without her or her without us. We ALL needed each other. I didn't have a blog for Annie on her referral day, so I will recap the day because I can remember it perfectly.

Justin had just had his appendix removed a few days before. His mom had been in town helping us out and on referral day I had to get up really early and take June to the airport. I was really hoping that it would come on that day because I was getting so nervous about being within a month of the September 1st cutoff and our case worker kept telling us it was coming so soon. I got home from the airport and Lucy was still sleeping. She was going through a period of sleeping really late and didn't even get up until after 10 am that morning. Justin and I actually saw Annie's referral for the first time together without any distractions. Anyway, when I got home from the airport, I emailed our case worker to see if she had any news. I told her I didn't think I could wait another day. She emailed right back assuring me that it was in fact going to happen on that day. Within an hour, we had her pictures and medical report. That feeling of looking in your email inbox with the words Referral in the subject are simply indescribable. The nervous feeling that overtakes you when you open the email and wait for the pictures to load. And then it happens, up on your screen, plain as day is YOUR baby. Our perfect, tiny, bald little Annie was right there, waiting for us. We instantly accepted her referral and faxed in the paperwork. Just like when we got Lucy's referral, I spent days studying those pictures and learning anything about her that I could. There were families from our agency in VN when we got her referral and they had taken pictures of all of the babies, so I emailed them and got more pictures of her by the end of the day, which was so lucky for us. I will never forget the days that we saw our babies for the first time. Thank you, dear Lord, for putting these girls in our lives. They are the best things that have ever happened to me and Justin.

I have playgroup mom's night out tonight and we are trying a restaurant I have never been to before. I am excited about that. It should be fun.

I got Lucy a Lite Brite for her birthday. It takes some amazing fine motor control, but she is all over it.








She sits in crazy positions like this all of the time. I told you she was a rubberband.









Susan said...

Happy Referral Day!! What a blessing Annie has been to your family, and I know you guys are all perfect together. And how great that Justin was in town when you got Annie's referral. I remember that you two had to see your little Lucy together via a phone call.

Both your girls are so special, and we can't wait to see you guys again.

Mom said...

Happy Referral Day! Can't believe that it has been a year. How blessed we have all been. Have fun on your Mom's night out--hope you get everyone to sleep for Sloan!! The pictures are very moving. Loved each and every one of them. Hugs and kisses, Lee Lee

Amanda said...

Happy Referral Day! You're right, nothing is better than seeing the word 'Referral' in the subject line of an email.

Carolyn said...

Hooray for Annie. So emotional for you all, I'm sure.

Seashy said...

"THank you Seashy for our cute outfits for the day!!!"

Oh! You're welcome you sweet little things!! You forgot from that day when you called me and said,
"Lucy is going to have a little sister!!" :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Really great posts lately. I bet you think that just because I got a new big girl job I quit reading the blog--NOT true. Can't get on the internet at work since I just sit and watch, and I don't have any at my home yet! (I'm using Matthew's).

Call me soon to catch up, we got cut short tonight.

Love and kisses to aaaalll! :)

P.S. Can't wait for the gymnastics olympian/doctor/fashionista/scientist/entreprenuer/designer/chef/geologist/web programmer/celebrity/actress/singer/caligrapher/baker/makeup artist/blogger that Goose is bound to be one day. :)

Sarah said...

Happy Referral Day!

Kelli said...

Happy referral day! Annie is a perfect addition to your wonderful family!

I just realized our referral anniversary is less than a month away- yikes!

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing your heart warming tale of how Annie came into your lives.

Anonymous said...

Happy Referral Day from me and Ellie!!!

metaphase said...

Isn't amazing how every detail of that day is burned in your mind? I remember ours like that too. I just love it. It will be so fun to get to tell the kids about it later.

MKH said...

LOVED hearing that story! Amazing it's been a year already. She is such a beautiful little girl and you are all such a wonderful family. So neat to have read this one!

Nicki said...

Happy referral day! i remember it like it was yesterday! So crazy that it has been a full year!!!!

Addy wants to tell Lucy not to put the light brite pegs in her nose - it hurts. :P I love her picture, though! It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your daughters are so beautiful! Happy Referral Day! Where did you get that adorable dress with the little girls? Thanks, Carrie

Kristin said...

I loved your referral day story. We missed out on a Vietnam adoption because of the deadline and other circumstances, but luckily were blessed with another child.

And, I didn't know they still made Lite-Brites! I need to get one for my boys!

Kim said...

Happy Referral-versary!! Ours is today for Sela- our referral days are two of the happiest days in my life. Such an awesome feeling!

Love the pics and Annie's cute dress!!

Mom said...

Hey Seashy--Annie's dress is the one you sent, right?? Better pics this time! Lucky you! Mom

Kate said...

Happy Referral Day, Annie!

Donna said...

Happy Referral Day! Where did you get that beautiful little dress that Annie has on??

Kelly said...

Annie's dress is made by Misha Lulu, one of my favorite lines of kid clothing. It will probably be a little difficult to find because it was a summer dress. Just do a search of Misha Lulu and lots of online stores will come up that carry it.