Friday, August 28, 2009


Annie 240/365

Lucy 240/365

Today I am thankful for being able to say that Annie walks more than she scoots around on her bottom now! The past three days, she has just taken off. She is getting so much more steady now that she is more confident in her walking. She is also much quicker. I can honestly say that I didn't think there was any way she would walk before 18 months, but she is just shy of 17 months and she is on the go. She walked all the way from her room, down the hall to my room, and back to her room. This is without me putting her on her feet or encouraging her. She just did it. Go Anners!!

Thanks also to Mandy for yummy dinner and great company this evening. We have not seen our dear friends Mandy and her kids in what feels like a million years. They were out of town for a very long time and we were out of town for a while and then crazy schedules and it has been way too long. The kids fell right back into playing with one another and Mandy and I got to catch up. We missed you guys!!!! A lot.

I am ready to start a new week. This has been a long one. Both girls have been off and I am hoping for a turnaround next week. I plan on doing a major organization project around the house this week and that will make me feel a million times better. I feel like junk is oozing out of our house right now and I cannot stand that. We have so much to sell or get rid of.

Have a wonderful weekend!!






Anonymous said...

Help me motivate to clean out and organize! I have been at it for weeks now trying to get rid of junk and have a sale... ugh I hatefeeling cluttered... I hear ya!

I just love Lucy's Blondie outfit whenever she wears it. I get so annoyed that Elizabeth will only listen to nursery rhymes in the car instead of some good old Coldplay or Goo Goo Dolls. I really must work on her music selection.

Mom said...

Today's pics are really cute, and I'm so happy that we are seeing Annie walk, walk, walk!!!! The zoo got rained out, so we are hoping for a dry day tomorrow to try again. Holly thinks it is to be dry and cooler, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Looks like Lucy is still working her magic on all the puzzles! Love and kisses to all. Feel free to come do an adjustment on my closets! Lee Lee

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome about Annie walking! She is such an amazing little girl and overcome so much!!!

We just sat down today to make a list of our big Labor Day weekend plans...PURGING and reorganizing the house. I am actually really excited. It feels so good getting things in order.

jilljohnandhope said...

I am feeling the same way about junk in my house. Simplify is my new word.

So proud of Annie! So fun!

Sherri said...

YAYYYYYY for Annie!

MKH said...

go annie! I know this is all so exciting for you all!