Friday, August 21, 2009


Annie 233/365

Lucy 233/365

Today I am thankful for being safely back home and having an uneventful drive here. I seriously dread the drive home from my parents. It is not any big deal, but it is 5 hours and there have been times when it has not gone well, at all. Luckily for us all, today was not one of those days. The girls were great and we hit no traffic until the very end. So glad it is done. Thanks a million times over for everything Mom and Dad. We miss you both already.

I have a lot to do again tonight, so I am keeping this short. Be sure and check out the La La Blog later tonight to see a PRECIOUS baby I photographed this morning before we left. She was 2 months old and just stared right at the camera. Such a sweet girl.

I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend!!



Mom said...

First!! (I hope!) SO glad that the girls are all home safely! Wish I could have beamed you there! Is very quiet around here, even Emma is looking for the girls and Bruiser and Bianca! I know you have tons to do, so take it easy and still get some rest. Have a great day tomorrow and kiss Ava Happy Birthday for me! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

ELMORE said...

glad yall had an uneventful drive. we hope to play with yall soon! the pictures on the golf course are fabulous! hope you got a lot of your stuff done.