Saturday, August 22, 2009


Lucy 234/365

Annie 234/365

Today I am thankful for my girls. I am always, and I do mean always, thankful for my girls, but today is one of those days where I really hugged them extra tight and tried to appreciate every moment I share with them. The picture of Lucy above is in honor of Ava Rosemeyer. If you love photography, you will love Ava's mom, who is a truly amazing photographer in Australia. You can read the story of Ava's life on the link above. I feel like it is important to touch on this because what happened to this little girl could happen so easily to anyone's child. The very short version is that she got trapped in a car parked in the direct sun when she was 3.5 years old and after two days of fighting for her little life in the hospital, she was taken back to heaven to be with God. It was an accident that until I read her story, I would have never thought twice about, but now I am very aware of the extreme danger of a hot car. It is important to teach your children that if they get caught in a car and are unable to get out, they should honk the horn over and over until someone comes to help them. Today is Ava's birthday and her mom invited anyone that wanted to come to a tea party in Ava's memory. From the moment I read this post, I knew I wanted to participate. Thank you for reminding me over and over how special every single minute with our children really is. Happy Birthday Ava, Superprincess.

Today is also the first birthday of my precious neighbor, Ava. I think that is why this has been so stuck in my head today. We went to her party this afternoon and she was so cute in her party dress and she just destroyed her cake. She thoroughly enjoyed her cake. I love her so much and just loved watching her. Happy Birthday to you Precious Ava! I have pictures of her but was sick of editing pictures, so they will have to wait a day.

Be sure and kiss your babies a few extra times each day.

For Ava.




Mom said...

Thanks for sharing about Ava and Ava. Both are in my thoughts and prayers, as are their families. I sure do love and miss my girls! Bet you will all be past ready to see Dada tomorrow!

Just so you know, all the beds are washed and made up, and the floors all have the drool mopped off! So, ready any time for company!

Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

ki said...

Oh my goodness....the picture of Lucy feeding cake to little Annie is the cutest picture EVER!!!

Mom said...

Is that Grandmother's teacup? She would be very happy about that! Lee

mam said...

Oh, I can hardly stand Ava's story; so painful to think about...and of all days, I yelled at Lucy today. I want to go wake her up and snuggle with here. I just might.

Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing about Ava. Definitely in my prayers. Thanks again for your blog and your photography. It really inspires me. Furthermore I can't wait to do project 365 next year and I am going to go with the theme of thankfulness like you have done. Your girls are such cuties! Thanks again for the inspiration!

MKH said...

Kelly, thank you so much for sharing Ava's story with us. I read the blog and can't even explain the feeling it left me with. Prayers are and will be with the family.

Kate said...

I came across Sheye's site over a year ago (love her Eye Candy) and my heart broke when I read about sweet Ava. Sheye's strength is inspiring. I can't imagine being able to endure that amount of pain. Thanks for showing us your Ava Tea Party. I'll be sure to give my lovies an extra squeeze today.

Stephanie and Gary said...

Hi Kelly -- I was just introduced to your blog today by one of your faithful readers, Carolyn (Mom to Henry). I have been so inspired by your gorgeous images -- congratulations to you! I was told that you had some blog posts which talk about your camera and lenses and as I am a long time canon user looking to possibly go the way of the Nikon, I'm wondering if you'd be so kind as to direct me to some of those blog entries where you talk about anything photographic. Not only is your family beautiful, your story inspiring, but you also rejuvenate my creative juices.
Many thanks!