Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, well, well. Look who decided it was okay to take pictures today since she doesn't have on a Christmas dress. STINKER!
Annie 316/365

Lucy 316/365

Today I am thankful for days like today. The girls played so sweetly all day. Annie was not insanely demanding of me to be holding her at all times. She was her normal, happy, playful self. I got a ton of work done this morning and then we all played outside for a while before lunch. After naps, we had playgroup and the girls were awesome there, too. They played together and had a wonderful time!! It was soooooooo refreshing and nice. So, so nice.

I had something happen today that totally pissed me off. Sorry Mom, but it did. Before playgroup, the girls and I stopped at the post office to mail some packages. I hate going to this post office because it is really small (which is actually nice because there is normally no one there) but only has one lady that is ever there working. She is the rudest person I have possibly ever come in contact with. I am always over the top nice to her thinking that surely she will crack and at least smile. She never does. She never replies when I thank her for her services. Nothing. Seriously, so rude. The only reason that I ever go there is because it is right by our house. So convenience overrules rudeness most days. Today it was really busy in there. I was holding Annie and Lucy was standing with me holding one of the packages. When it was finally our turn, we walked up to the counter. The lady was doing her thing and Lucy was standing right beside me. There is this little window right at the counter with cheapy mini blinds on it. Lucy was holding in her little hand the ball on the end of the string that you pull to raise the blinds. Holding it. Not pulling it or touching the blinds, simply looking at the ball on the string. She wasn't making any noise and she certainly wasn't being destructive in any way. I wasn't even paying close attention to her because I know that she would NEVER tear anything like that up. Ever. All of the sudden the lady yelled, and I do mean yelled loudly at poor Lucy. "Put that down right now little girl!! We just replaced those last week and you are not going to tear those up!" It was so embarrassing for Lucy. She just inched over to me and hid her head. I bent down and kissed her head and told her that I knew she would never hurt those blinds and that she certainly wasn't in trouble. We promptly paid and left. To make it worse, the small office was full of people, which embarrassed Lucy even more. When I turned around to leave, three women looked at me with a look of horror of how that woman had just acted. I am mad just thinking about it. The nerve of her to yell at my child who was doing nothing out of line and was behaving perfectly despite the fact that it was packed and we had waited forever.

Off to watch my shows. So nice to have my work for the day done so that I can enjoy them.








Mom said...

Such beautiful pictures of Miss Annie and Miss Lucy! The little stinker! And I am so sorry for the Post Office incident. Sounds like this woman has issues of her own, but to take it out on the Goose is totally unacceptable. I'm sorry that it made her feel so bad. I'll go with you there next time and have a little LeeLee to rude girl chat. Other than that, sounds like your day was wonderful.

I had a great day with my buds, but I am really tired. So, it's off to rest after my shows.

Little ladies don't say that, Kelly. They say they are mad or angry or upset. he he he he Let's work on that.

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Kristi said...


A lady admonished one of my girls in public one time and I nearly flipped my lid. I told her, very firmly, that it was never acceptable to discipline or correct someone else's child and if she had a problem she could address me.

I would file a complaint with your post office. I'm sure there's a supervisor in there who would listen to you.

I'm sorry for your frustrating experience.


P.S. Miss Annie rocks her Matilda Janes!

Emily said...

Poor little Lucy! That upsets me just hearing that awful story! I can only imagine how upset you were! You're too nice...I think I would have totally said something not nice to the rude lady! We missed seeing you guys this afternoon!

Lane Olson said...

sweet annie...what a great smile! loved seeing you all today...and thanks for helping us to the car. seriously go see steve at eagle postal. he even loves milam the terror!

Erica said...

Mean people suck.

And your mom is very, very proper. Reminds me of my own:-

Beth said...

I like Erica's comment, "Mean people suck." :P
Poor Lucy. I'm impressed that you handled it so well. I'm sure my temper would have got the best of me with that one. Good job keeping your cool!

Dawn said...

My heart goes out to poor little Lucy. I am picturing that happening to my Katie girl, and cannot even imagine. I seriously don't know how you held it together. You're a better person than me, cause I would have let her have it.

Anonymous said...

people like that really, really bother me. being rude on a daily basis is terrible...being rude to a child is HORRIBLE!!! i am happy to see that you did get to enjoy the rest of your day.

Jason and Erin said...

OH, I'm just seething! I'm nearly in tears thinking about little Lucy! I would DEFINITELY write to the post office and tell them about this incident. Poor baby!

mimi lam said...

You are very calm, I hope that old lady is embrassed with her rudeness to a child. I probaly would give her a piece of my mind, just because I think she is OLD enough to know better of how to treat a child. Hope Lucy won't remember this embrassing incident.

Anonymous said...

oh poor lucy. i would have given that lady a piece of my mind right then and there! so rude.

Kristen said...

Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear what happened at the P.O. - what a sad life that lady must have! :( You handled it with such class, even though I'm sure you were livid! That probably spoke louder to Miss Lucy than the mean lady, so KUDOS to you!

I love your mom - "Little ladies don't say that" tehe and "a little LeeLee to rude girl chat" haha The chain of protective mamas!!! So sweet!

BIG hugs to little Lucy and that ADORABLE Annie who is looking more and more like a toddler! :( She's beautiful!

Kristen said...

Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear what happened at the P.O. - what a sad life that lady must have! :( You handled it with such class, even though I'm sure you were livid! That probably spoke louder to Miss Lucy than the mean lady, so KUDOS to you!

I love your mom - "Little ladies don't say that" tehe and "a little LeeLee to rude girl chat" haha The chain of protective mamas!!! So sweet!

BIG hugs to little Lucy and that ADORABLE Annie who is looking more and more like a toddler! :( She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my chest is getting tight just reading that incident. I'm sorry, but I would have just called her out right there in front of everyone. She has no business yelling at Lucy! If she was worried, she just should have asked you to say something to her about being careful. I think you need to contact her supervisor about this incident and her all around demeanor.

Laurie said...

Oh I'm PISSED (sorry Kell's mom;). It is NEVER ok, in my mind, to YELL at someone else's child...unless they're bullying and their parents don't care...but what is wrong with people?!! Travis would've created a scene right then and there (and if he didn't, I would have). I probably would have just politely said "I'm sorry, but it is not ok for anyone to speak to my child like that. If you have a problem with something she is(n't) doing, please say it to me and I will deal with it." Really, why couldn't she have just said "oh, I'm sorry ma'am, but I don't want your daughter to play with that string; those blinds are new." Poor Lucy. That's happened to Jack before and he reacts the same way. Oh that makes me so mad.

KrisJ said...

I call those angry mommy moments where its ok to let someone have it!! Seriously who are you to yell at my kids... feel free to ask me to stop my child but dont you dare talk to my kids like that!!! Im angry for you GRR!! AND dang cute pics LOVE Annies little outfit.. maybe swap heads from the other pics lol!!

Anonymous said...

I lose it if someone looks at one of my PETS the wrong way so I commend you for holding it together. Why do so many people who work at the post office have such chips on their shoulders?? I have a post office near my house that is just full of the nastiest people ever. It's like you're on Candid Camera in there - you can't believe the rudeness!

Candace said...

Oh...poor Lucy! I was very shy at her age and something like that would have completely devastated me! It just made me hurt for her when I read that...hopefully she will forget the incident soon.

Nicki said...

I am so mad at that lady for taking out her crap on poor sensitive sweet Lucy. That makes me so angry. Can you report her to a higher-up? It would be good to share your impressions with management as there is a reason that the term "going postal" was invented and the PO tends to take those complaints pretty seriously given past incidents!

erinlo said...

My heart is aching over what that mean ole' lady did to Lucy. Seriously?!?!? I have this "mama bear" thing in me that would definately ROAR had someone treated my child like that. It sounds like you handled it very eloquently. I would still consider writing a letter or speaking with management.

I don't comment often, but I look at your blog to see pictures! You are so talented and I wish we lived nearer so I could hire you! Your girls are absolutely adorable.

Dad said...

Kelly, You should have gone off on that "lady". To put it another way, you should have gone postal. It is unacceptable for any public servant to act the way she has. Maybe a visit with her supervisor would be a good idea. Love the pics.

Love ya, Dad

Kate said...

Oh, I would have gone postal on that chick!!! I'd file a complaint. Poor, sweet Lucy.

MrsKP said...

Your post made me want to cry. Why are people so mean?!? I'm sorry you and Lucy had to endure rudeness ... you handled it well. Cute pics (of course!).

Sharon said...


The restraint you showed on the postal wench was impressive. . . . I dare say I could not have held my tongue with her. And that might have made her defective character even worse than it already is.

On a brighter note, I am loving the pics. I can't wait for Aven to have enough hair to put a bow in!

Trying Traditional said...

Oh my, I would say it is time to write a letter. There is no excuse for a grown adult the behave like that.

Puts me in mind of when we walk into a restaurant. Every server in the place is crossing their fingers and wishing we wouldn't sit in their section. What server would want four little girls to wait on. Shame on them, they don't know what they are missing! All four say please and thank you better than most adults, they pick up after themselves, the older girls can even order for themselves, and all four of them know what behaviour is expected of them and only once have I had to remove one of them from the table while everyone else enjoyed their dinner. I am a server, I know how awful a table full of kids can be, but I also know that it's a 50-50 shot good or fact, odds are similar you will get a table full of adults just as bad.