Sunday, November 01, 2009


Lucy 305/365

Annie 305/365

Today I am thankful for the great efforts that Nana and Grandy go to in order to spend a weekend with us. They drove a 6 hour drive after work on Friday and then turned around and had to go home on Sunday. It means so much to us when you do this because we know it is not easy. The girls love to see you and we truly appreciate all that you do for us every time that you are here. We love you both dearly and Lucy has told Lee Lee and Papa all about you guys taking her trick or treating. Hope your drive home was better than the trip up.

The girls and I got to LR about an hour ago. They are both wiped and in bed. Their sleep is very messed up from all of the excitement going on lately. Hopefully they will get a good night's rest. My crazy schedule here starts tomorrow. My morning session did get cancelled because of the flu, but I am really excited about my afternoon. I get to meet another little boy brought home from Vietnam!!



Okay, I am really tired, so good night!!


Sherri said...

The prints were incredible!! Thank you so, so much. The big one just takes my breath away. Have fun in LR and say hi to your parents.

Mom said...

Glad everyone is here safely! Think Christmas list, Dada! Sherri--your girl is absolutely beautiful! So glad I got to have a short visit with you guys!

Bruiser and Bianca went nuts to see Kelly and the guys!

Off to bed myself. Big week ahead.

Love and kisses, LeeLee

Cori said...

The girls look so cute in their pjs!! And LOVE that bokeh!!

Lisa said...

And we can't wait to meet you! Oh, what to wear.... :)