Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lucy 323/365

Annie 323/365

Today I am thankful for the times that I ask Lucy to do something and she doesn't say, "I don't want to do that." And for the times when she asks me if she can do something and I tell her no and she just says, "Okay." We have had some issues with these things as she is getting into her 3s. She LOVES to disagree with lots and lots that I have to say. And she really likes to keep asking if she can do something over and over and over again if we give her an answer she doesn't like. Even with this going on, Lucy is such an easy kid. She can be frustrating to deal with, but she really is such a good girl. And she is getting better with the back talk. I am sure that it is hard for her to understand just why she can't watch tv all day long or eat cookies/candy for breakfast.

I got so much done today. 3 sessions edited so I am down to only one more to go before I am all caught up. This is good because it is about to be crazy ordering time, which is also very time consuming. At least that part is fun because I get to see all of the printed images as they get delivered.

That is it for me tonight. It has been a long day.



Mom said...

Get out! Do I get to be first!!! LeeLee

Mom said...

OK, yea for productive days!! I was productive, also! First, for Thanksgiving for our seniors at Aldersgate, their meal consisted of FRIED: catfish, hush puppies, french fries, cole slaw, cobbler and whipped cream!! A special guy came in with all his equipment and fried away. The old folks LOVED it! I was so busy serving and doing dishes that I spared my arteries.

Did a little more work in the yard. Yesterday I cleaned out rain gutters--only led to that because I thought I saw a squirrel trying to eat his way into my house!

Also, just to let you know, I made the greatest bag today, with handles--looks great! And I am going to have Paula Sue tie me a great big blue bow tomorrow after we get some ribbon. So there.

Kiss those angels for me. XOXOXOXO LeeLee

Mom said...

PS--you daughters of mine that think your children are working on back talk--wait until the teenage years!!! That was really when I knew nothing and you knew everything. Personally, I can't wait!! he he he

Tiffany said...

Oh, I'm glad my Eliza isn't the only 3 year old who thinks it would be perfectly fine to watch T.V. all day long! So many of my friends' kids couldn't care less about T.V. (or so they say). Mine on the other hand could watch from sun up to sun down!

Your girls are just as cute as ever!

Ki said...

first, LeeLee you absolutely crack me up!! I love how excited you get about being first!!!
second, Kelly I intern at an peds office and we were talking about the cutest kids and so of course I had to tell them about Lucy and Annie and show them your blog, and its official you DO have the cutest kids!!!

Seashy said...


Did you say you MADE a bag?? What does this mean????

See you tonight! CAN'T WAIT! CHRISTMAS DECORATING ALLLLL DAY TOMORROW!! are you jealous Kelly?