Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Annie 328/365

Lucy 328/365

Today I am thankful for being half way done with Christmas decorations and for having my Thanksgiving grocery shopping done. I am completely worn out and can't bring myself to do any more even though the babies are in bed and I could actually get some stuff done quickly now. My throat is hurting and I just want to rest so that I don't get sick.

Keeping Annie out of the Christmas trees is going to be a full time job. It makes me a little nervous. I am sure that just about the time she is ready to leave them alone it will be time to take them down.

I am off to lay on the couch and do nothing for a while. Night, night.





Mom said...

Hey--great job at getting so much done! I feel the same way, and am ready to hit the sack! Got all my housework done except the vacuuming, so will do that tomorrow and do my grocery shopping. Hopefully I will get a great night of sleep! Hug those girls for me!
Love and kisses, LeeLee

Anonymous said...

such wonderful well. have a happy thanksgiving!

Elizabeth said...

love the girls coats!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


HPTeach said...

Hope you feel better soon! Love the kids coats and hats--they look so warm and toasty in them. Have a great night.

mimi lam said...

Happy Thanksgiving, love the kids' coats, and how sweet loving Lucy is to Annie.

Anonymous said...

Hope you stay healthy for Thanksgiving. Those coats are really cute!

K said...

We tie ours to the wall with fishing line. Can't even see it :)

StaceyF said...

love, love, love the girls in these outfits!

Little Miss Magic's Mama said...

LOVE the girls coats! Check out a friend of mine who decorates...her blog is linked to is yours! HAHA! It's called Ella Kate Design on the right hand side you will see the blogs Miss Magic reads...our house is the "Devine Christmas" she is amazing!!! I LOVE your photos..I know I have told you 100x at least!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bubba&SistersMom said...

When my two were little, I gave the each their own tree with plastic ornaments (Hobby Lobby has a whole section of these) that they could decorate and un-decorate any time they wanted...they loved it and it kept them out of the big tree.

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