Monday, November 23, 2009


They are really, really starting to have fun together!! Yay!
Annie 327/365

Lucy 327/365

Today I am thankful for not hitting any traffic or delays on our drive home. The drive is long enough without any delays, but it seems like we often hit some sort of problem. Not today though and the girls did really, really well. It was nice to be home just because I know I have so much to do tomorrow and Wednesday. I am going to have to make use of just about every minute of the day. I seriously can't wait for family to get here and celebrate!! Again, I love Thanksgiving!

I am off to work on ordering. Lots to do so that I stay caught up!!


Christy Henry said...

first. :) do you have your christmas goodies up yet? i started today - so super excited about it!!! love annie's santa jammies!

Mom said...

Both little pumpkins look so happy! Yea! Glad the trip home went so well. Helps to have Dada with you to drive!!! So glad you all got to come! Seashy just sent me a pic of her tree on my phone! Guess she got all her decorations and keys!!

I'm off to take the dogs out (two less) and hit the hay. Am pooped!

Love and kisses, LeeLee

Sherri said...

That sister love is so sweet.

Sharon said...

So cute together!

Emily said...

Precious pictures of such sweet sisters!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are precious - I can't wait to have #2 and see both children playing together - so sweet!

Happy Thanksgiving!