Friday, November 20, 2009


Lucy is IN LOVE with snow globes, and Lee Lee had a special one just for her when we got here.
Lucy 324/365

It doesn't take us long to take over Papa and Lee Lee's house.
Annie 324/365

Today I am thankful for a really fun weekend ahead of me. Since I got completely caught up with work yesterday, the girls and I headed to Little Rock because there is a lot going on here this weekend. Tonight is my dear friends, Adam and Stacey's 30th birthday celebration. Tomorrow there is a Razorback game here and Justin is working here, so he will be here as well. I am very excited about it all and mostly excited that I have ZERO work hanging over my head, which feels awesome.

I hope everyone has a super, duper weekend. I plan to.


Mom2J&I said...

well look who's posting super early tonight! ;)
Have a great time this week-end. Relax & enjoy.

Anonymous said...

i hope you and the girls have a fabulous worries, just fun!

Sharon said...

Adorable snow globe! Have a great weekend.

KrisJ said...

I just finished my last sessions for the month.. WOOHOO Im exausted! I hope you get some good sleep and have a great weekend!!

Lynn said...

Look how long Annie's hair is getting! and that snow globe is amazing, I love that it's not just plain round!

StaceyF said...

Thanks so much for coming to LR for the party! It was so great to see you and it meant so much to us! Love you to pieces!