Friday, November 27, 2009


Annie 331/365

Lucy 331/365

Today I am thankful for my Christmas decorations because they make me happy. I LOVE having the trees up and I will work on getting pictures sometime this upcoming week. I just love, love, love this time of year. Less than a month until Christmas. That is just crazy!!

Justin and I are going to see Blindside tonight and I am so excited about that. I almost never want to go to the movie theater, but I am excited to see this one.

Did any of you do major Black Friday shopping? I just don't quite understand the craze and I certainly don't have the patience to fight those crowds. Just not interested but for some reason this year I was at least interested in the sales. There are some awesome ones out there, but again, I am not convinced it is worth the effort.



Elizabeth said...

We went and saw it today and it was really good! I think it's the third time I've been to a movie theater since we had kids four years ago. A nice pick me up movie going into the holidays to remind me a that doing the right thing can change the entire course of someone's life.

Can't wait to see the decoration pictures! Yeah!! Now if' you'll just come work your holiday magic on my house please...

Dawn said...

Decorating here in NY too...can't wait to see your trees! Love, love love Christmas decorations, and being that I too hate black friday, it has always seemed the perfect day to decorate. Have to admit though...snuck out to Target today to buy the kids Christmas sheets for their beds!

Nicki said...

I blogged about our black friday nightmare. ugh. You can get most things online now and also you can get any target sales ahead of time and just bring in your receipt on friday for the price adjustment. I did that on a few big ticket items. It was fun. But the rest? NIGHTMARE!

MKH said...

hope you had a great thanksgiving-well, seems like you did! just catching up after being out of town for the holiday-with no internet access-scary!! Love all of the pics of the kids in their red and green coats! can't wait to see some of your decorations!