Thursday, February 25, 2010



Whenever Justin's schedule gets going, the girls get out of whack. Wow. Did that ever happen today. We did not have our best day. To top it off, Annie's nose is totally congested and she is not feeling her best. Lucy has literally disagreed with every single word out of my mouth. So frustrating.

Big glass of wine is in order for me tonight. I will say, my day dramatically improved when my best girlfriends from college kept me quite entertained tonight with an ongoing dialogue of hilarious emails. I get to play with a bunch of them for one night in about a month and it should be a whole lot of fun!

Our friends came over to play this morning and thank heavens that they did. It broke up our crazy morning and broke the pattern of our rotten day for at least a while. Thanks Katy, Ava, and Madeline. You save me for a few hours. Lucy and Ava played dress up and they were being so funny chasing one another around the house in their pettiskirts. Such cuties.


Mom said...

So, is it calm and quiet now???? The pic of the girls looks like a fun time was had by all at the tea party! Love the huge skirts on such little pumpkins and Annie in the background. They're used to Dad being home, so is an adjustment. ugh

Dearest Kate--I hear Kelly is going to get you set up with the artist to get your minivan painted like the bus. Can't wait to see this.

No wine, Kelly. Pesticides. Remember??? Herbal tea. Love and miss you all, LeeLee

Anonymous said...

You wait until night to have a glass of wine on a day like today? I have been known, and am not afraid to, poor a glass by 3 some days! LOL.

Suzie said...

It's too bad that my little one probably needs the size Annie will be, I have a plan...let me know if it will You can go out and buy all new stuff and list their entire wardrobe on Ebay! just kidding, but seriously, they always look so adorable! I enjoy following your day to to day journey and love your photography! Take care! They are dollies!

Lane Olson said...

how long is justin gone? we would love to help keep you girls company! no petticoats around here, but we can find something to do ;)

Ani said...

Where do you get those pettiskirts! I think my baby girl needs one (or two!) :)